Make Me Vote! – Canada’s Political Parties

Federal Party Project

Green Party

In groups of 5-6, you will help your classmates understand why they would vote for your assigned political party.  You will present the information and provide your classmates with a resource to reference the information. Every group member will do 2 parts from below:

Information you must provide to the class:

1) Summarize the history of the party (When did it start? How/where did it start? How has it changed over time? Any major milestones? Etc.) [5]

2) Explain the party’s ideological roots (use political ideologies and spectrum to explain) [5]

3) Give the profile of the current Federal leader of the party [5]

4) Give the profile of the candidate that ran for the party in the last election in your riding. [5]

*For Bloc Quebecois, use any riding

5) Compare and contrast at least two public opinion polls on the party (a news story reporting on a poll is fine as long as it gives the percentages) – explain who is the most popular, how has that changed over time, where the poll was taken, how many people answered, etc. [5]

6) Research the party’s platform/beliefs on at least 4 different topics: [5 each] and create a commercial to sell your platform to the class.

  • Senate Reform, Crimes and Justice, Environment, Economy – jobs & employment, Immigration/Refugees, Democratic Reform, Energy, Foreign Affairs, Health Care, Human Rights, National Security, Media, Social Welfare, etc.

7) Provide one recent (within 6 months) news story about the party. [5]

  • Summarize the article and include the source
  • Provide an analysis of how the party is portrayed in the article (note any possible biases, is there an agenda? Who is the author?).
  • should not be from the party website


Group items:

  1. Commercial
  2. Provide bibliography of all sources used in MLA format – Use
    • place at the end of each section above
  3. Reference material for the class.
  4. Provide a list of group member responsibilities.

Remember, any writing you do needs to be in your OWN words.



10 marks for individual portions (at least two parts per person)


10 group marks for presentation and aesthetics (commercial? completeness of project? Proper bibliography? List of responsibilities? Did you work together well? Does everyone play a fair role in the presentation? Design and looks of reference? readability of reference?)



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