Letters to Soldiers

Christmas Cards to Canadian Soldiers 

Together, the students from Skill Development (Teacher: Linda McMinn) and English 10 – New Media (Teacher: Mr. Barazzuol) collaborated on creating Christmas cards showing their appreciation for Canadian Armed Forces serving overseas.

Currently there are 2,100 soldiers serving overseas in areas such as Iraq, Syria and Mali. With the holidays just around the corner, the Canadian Armed Forces have made a public request through Twitter for citizens, especially children, to send letters to soldiers who otherwise do not get any correspondence while being overseas, which proves to be extremely difficult, especially during the upcoming holiday season where they do not get the opportunities to see their own families. These letters serve as a reminder, that people back home appreciate their efforts.

The skill development students, with assistance by multiple EAs worked on creating professional Christmas cards and stamped envelopes. The English 10 students then brainstormed reasons they were grateful for Canadian soldiers. They then wrote heart filled messages inside, showing their appreciation and gratitude for their service, most of which stated that they get to live in such a free and opportunistic nation, because of these personnel.

The students addressed the letters to the Canadian Armed Forces, and letters will be sent to Ontario and then forwarded out to troops serving across seas just in time for the holidays.

Here is the address provided by the Canadian Armed Forces to send a card or a letter to military personnel:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member
P.O. Box 5004 Stn Forces
Belleville, Ont.
K8N 5W6