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COL Teachers:
Mr. Barazzuol (
Mr. Robinson (


1) Explain the Edublog:
– Students and Teachers have Edublogs (educational blogs) with the URL extensions as
– Place to post work and demonstrate your learning

2) Explain COL Course

What is COL?
– COL (Coquitlam Open Learning) is designed to provide technology-enabled learning for high school credit courses. Therefore, COL is specifically an umbrella term for the course you will be taking!

What is ADL?
– ADL (Applications of Digital Learning) is a grade 10 course that you will receive credits for after showing that you have the ability to efficiently and effectively navigate the digital technologies required to accomplish specific goals and tasks within your various classes.

6 total assignments

Focus 1 – Footprint Assignment (this is our focus today)
– 20% – Footprint

Focus 2 – Information/Solution Fluency (SCIENCE RELATED Assignment)
– 15% – Assignment 1 Science – Solution Fluency
– 15% – Assignment 2 Science- Information Fluency

Focus 3 – Creativity/Media Fluency (ENGLISH RELATED Assignment)
– 15% – Assignment 1 English – Indigenous Exploration Podcast
– 15% – Assignment 2 English – Literary Focused Assignment

Focus 4 – Community Connection
– 20% – Community Connection

Total = 100%

3) Explain 1st Assignment for COL:

Footprint Assignment (focuses on digital footprint, self-regulation and school culture)
Footprint ADL 2023
– Word document, PPT, video, poster, infographic
– Photos properly sourced from share friendly sites:


DUE: Friday, September 22nd, 2023
Your assignment must be uploaded to your Edublogs account under a NEW POST and the link to the assignment should be submitted on your COL ADL10 Teams site.