Science 9 Solution Fluency

CRISPR Project Solution Fluency Define In Science 9 we did a project on the ethics behind cloning animals with CRISPR and what effects this could have on the world, I took Data from the online resource “Gale Engaged Learning” to put together my infographic and display my Data. Discover During this project I learned that: […]

Conference Reflection

Name: Bailey.W Colony: Canada East   1.What was your Colonies decision in OUR conference? Why did your colony make that decision? Provide at least 3 reasons why you made that decision.   Our colony decided to join the confederation because it would improve our economy having more money from taxes from other colonies, we decided […]

My Revolution Scrapbook

Venn Diagram – Online Notes Individual Assignment #1 – Individual Assignment #2 – Ellie’s Individual Assignment #1 – Newspaper Article Ellie’s Individual Assignment #2 – Lenin’s letters  Morgans Individual Assignment #1 – Biography of leaders Makenna Individual Assignment #1 – Diary Group Video – Video Group Art-

Timeline Reflection

What did I learn? I learned a lot about the french revolution and the people that made impacts to start, stop, and keep it moving. Such as King Louis XIV, King Louis XVI, and Napoleon. How Did I learn? I learned through doing research and then putting the timeline into my own words, putting it […]