Science 9 Solution Fluency

CRISPR Project Solution Fluency


In Science 9 we did a project on the ethics behind cloning animals with CRISPR and what effects this could have on the world, I took Data from the online resource “Gale Engaged Learning” to put together my infographic and display my Data.


During this project I learned that:
-CRISPR can be used to duplicate DNA and recreate organisms (cloning)
-CRISPR has been proven to work on sheep and pigs
-There is a cloned sheep named “Dolly” that has no mutations or side effects from CRISPR


I think that CRISPR can help us by:
-Genetically modifying humans to be super athletic or super intelligent
-Being able to make sure babies are not born with disabilities or born still


1. How it works

CRISPR takes the DNA and reads it out on a computer so can be changed by a human to choose eye colour, hair colour, etc.

2. How it can help

It can stop babies from being still born or be born with disabilities

3. Drawbacks/negatives/“things to consider”

I think it could be used in bad ways like almost “designer babies”  because then people could go over the top trying to create the “perfect” baby

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