Conference Reflection

Name: Bailey.W

Colony: Canada East


1.What was your Colonies decision in OUR conference? Why did your colony make that decision? Provide at least 3 reasons why you made that decision.


Our colony decided to join the confederation because it would improve our economy having more money from taxes from other colonies, we decided to join because this would give us more allies in close proximity to us to protect from the United States of America, we decided to join also because this confederation would help our trade around the colonies and build an important bond with our neighboring colonies.

2. What was your colonies actual decision after the Quebec Conference – why did they make this decision? Research and provide 3 reasons why your colony made their decision.


Canada East’s real decision was to join confederation because they would be more inclined to keep their culture and language coming from France, they also joined because Canada east would say as their own government and guaranteed a majority to control their own affairs.



3. How did transportation play a part in the confederation of Canada? Provide at least 3 reasons why it was so crucial in the confederation of Canada.

Transport played an important part in Canada’s confederation because it allowed Canada to build and interconnected railroad to help with trade, moving troops, and allowed people to move around colonies easier.


4. Who did the confederation of Canada benefit the most in your opinion and why? Consider French Canadians, English Speaking Canadians First Nations, Upper/lower class colonists, Britain…


The confederation mostly benefitted Wealthy, White, English speaking people that are originally from Britain because this would allow those people more control over laws and how tax’s worked so they could create loopholes in the laws to benefit themselves.


5. How do you think the Confederation of Canada affected the First People across all of present day Canada? Please explain why you think the confederation may or may not have been beneficial for them and why? Research and find out how the confederation of Canada affected them (Especially as Canadian colonists expanded out west).


Canada’s first people were affected by Confederation in a way that has pros and cons, It helped the first nations keep their culture partially, but it also led to them being treated as a lesser race and people didn’t respect them like other white men.

6. How did you learn from this project? Consider the following Core Competencies? Please explain how you used/learned in three of the competencies with specific examples.


Communication- In this project we had to communicate with our group and come to a general conclusion on what our best option would be when thinking about confederation.

Critical Thinking- In this project we had to critically think about what different options we had in different situations (i.e Transportation, Trade, etc.) and had to come up with what was the best for our colony of Canada East.

Social Responsibility- This project taught us that even when the entire colony of Canada East was supposed to be thought of when in this conference, the people who attended (wealthy, white, English speakers) thought of themselves first and thought about making more money.

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