Timeline Reflection

What did I learn?
I learned a lot about the french revolution and the people that made impacts to start, stop, and keep it moving. Such as King Louis XIV, King Louis XVI, and Napoleon.

How Did I learn?
I learned through doing research and then putting the timeline into my own words, putting it into my own words helped by making me really understand what happened, if i didn’t understand then my words wouldn’t be right.

Did it help me with my test?                                                                                      I think the project definitely helped me with my project, it forced me to know the smaller details about people who started and ended the revolution.

How did this project help us understand the Social Studies 9 big idea that disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies?                                                                        It helped us understand that power imbalance can lead to one or two people having all the power in one group/place and that can cause the issue of if there is any revolt it can be hard to defend yourself.

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