Veldt Questions

“The Veldt” Post-Reading Questions                                  Name Bailey. W Block B

How would you describe each of the four main characters?

  • No control over children
  • Lazy (shoe tying and tooth brushing machines)
  • Good intentions bad execution


  • Follows Georges lead
  • Almost no mind for her own
  • Good intentions


  • Controlling
  • Addictive
  • Obsessive


  • Follows peter on whatever he does
  • Liar
  1. What mistakes have George and Lydia made in raising their children? Give examples.

Spoiling their children with the nursery caused them to never need to work for everything themselves.


  1. Who is parenting the children in the story? Explain.

The nursery does more parenting than the parents, they spend more time in the nursery than with their parents


  1. What message or moral is Ray Bradbury trying to send his readers about technology? (THEME) Give examples from the story to support this theme.

That to much of something can control your life and you should always spend time with your family. (no family time spent, parents end up dead)


  1. What conflicts do the characters in the story face? Give examples.

The children face addiction, and the parents face the consequences of spoiling their kids


  1. “The Veldt” was published in 1951. It offers a view of what Bradbury predicted family life and technology would be like around the year 2000. Is it an accurate view?  Why or why not?  What predictions are correct?  Incorrect?  What does he leave out?

It is not an accurate view in the way that we don’t have rooms that can do what the nursery can do although the addiction part is definitely relevant in todays society

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