History Dinner Party


Adolf Hitler Donald Trump
Ben Shapiro Kim Jong-un
Eminem Me



Food Restrictions:

Adolf Hitler: Vegetarian/Vegan

Ben Shapiro: No pork or shellfish

Eminem: No rules

Donald Trump: High Cholesterol

Kim Jong-Un: Diabetic


Main Course: Caesar salad, Caesar salad follows all the food restrictions of all guests attending the dinner.

Appetizer: Yorkshire Pudding, Yorkshire pudding is a bun like food that my nana used to make all the time for me, originating in Scottland.

Drinks: Water seems to be one of the best options for this one considering all the food restrictions.

Seating plan reasoning:

Adolf Hitler: I placed Hitler next to ben Shapiro to spark an interesting conversation as Ben Shapiro is Jewish. I placed him across from Donald trump because I find a lot of there ides are similar but the execution of those ideas are extremely different. Hitler was a known Vegetarian, though his diary showed that he may have actually been a vegan, so I had to make the meal comply to the possibility of veganism.

Ben Shapiro: I placed Ben Shapiro next to Eminem because Ben Shapiro hates debating against people who are uneducated in a field but still argue about it and Eminem has a history of doing so. So I think it would be an interesting conversation. Ben Shapiro is Jewish therefor cannot eat Pork or Shellfish.

Donald Trump: I placed Donald Trump next to Kim Jong-un for obvious reasons like the past and present wars between the two countries. If we assume everyone could speak a common language I feel these two might find more in common that they know of now. He has high cholesterol and he does not drink alcohol so this limits my options for foo ever further.

Kim Jong-un: Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea at the moment, so I sat him next to Donald Trump to possibly alleviate some problems between the two current world leaders, although I could definitely see this going wrong and sparking even more tension for a third world war. Kim Jong-un is diabetic so that limits my food options even more

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