Autobiography in a Word B

I am Bailey. I am in grade 9 and I am athletic. I play MSL soccer as a goalkeeper and I have played Division one for 3 years. I even play soccer 7 days a week for two to three hours a day on top of working out for an hour every day. I also practice with three teams and play games with two of those teams. Although I play so much I still find time to get my school work done and get to sleep on time. As a result of all this exercise I would call myself a generally athletic person. I always hold an A in gym class every year at school. Although I work out most of that training goes in to my legs for diving as a goalkeeper, so my arms lack much muscle. As a result, I don’t generally look like an athletic person, I tend to come off scrawny and thin. There are days in the week where I play soccer from 4pm to 9pm. Even with that much soccer and play time I never get bored of it. I rely on my team to perform so I can keep a clean sheet in all my games. I haven’t had a goal scored on me in an MSL game ever, since I started playing earlier this season. At the gym I can bench 90 pounds and squat 100. I love watching soccer and I am very passionate about it my favourite team is Manchester City. My favourite goalkeeper that I watch every game of to build and grow from is David De Gea.


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