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Whirligig Introductory Assignment

Many people have self-esteem, its a part of us. But what happens when your self-esteem lowers? Well, everyone has self-esteem, not all of us know how to cope with it when it drops.

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There are indeed many ways one can cope with these problems. But when people feel no hope towards getting back from where they once were; it can result in some pretty drastic measures. Some people could get caught up in a bad habit of intake on drugs and alcohol. Maybe they have no one to turn to and could hurt others or themselves. These problems could also be started by pressures and issues of something rather serious. The person being pressured might not feel enough confidence to tell those people off. The person could also have some issues already, and pushing them that far could really end up hurting them. They could have anger issues, depression, or they feel constant stress. Pressure can be ridiculous to deal with sometimes. The pressure of a project due, to get good grades to follow your family footstep and even friends can give people pressure. Pressure is different from self-esteem but its not that different. You need both of them in in our life, and it may not feel or look like it but we need it to survive in this world. We also need to come up with way we think could be useful to us. Of course other people have indeed come up with ways that help them and some could help you. But if your self-esteem is really low you should find a way to bring it back. Some strategies are listening to music, talking with friends, your parents, or a council, or to just find something that you find makes yourself happy and makes your confidence go up.


Stop Motion Video – Gentleman, Your Verdict.

Short story: Gentleman, your Verdict
Group: Ava, Janelle, Megan, Emmaleigh


For this project my group decided on doing Gentleman, your Verdict. I helped with bringing some LEGO. I also helped with moving the LEGO. The whole film was filmed on my phone so I also contributed that too.


2 Lab Reflections

  1. Eggs in a hole

The lab I choose to reflect on was eggs in a hole because it was the first ever recipe we did in cooking. It was also quite different from what I usually make so I wanted to choose it. I really enjoyed this lab because, I had never heard of something like this. So therefore it was a nice change to try it. This lab was also pretty easy so it seemed like it wasn’t going to be that hard to mess up. It really helped that we had someone in our group that was mainly on top of what we had to do. If we have that person we would’ve messed up and fallen behind in everything. Our group worked really well together. When my group made it, at first we were all scattered around trying to figure out where some things were located. Halfway located the items we forgot someone had to go get the ingredients for the recipe. But once we got everything set up we took a picture of all the ingredients we began cooking. I was the one of the first people to put my piece of bread on the pan and I was super freaking out began I really had no idea what I was doing and I thought I was going to mess up. But this lab turned out really well for it being all of our first times trying to cook in the classroom. If I where try this lab again I would definitely be more confided going into it because I know how to do it more than I did when I did it. I also have a bit more experience in this kitchen now that I’ve done more labs. In the end I think it would be really fun if I tried it again.

2. Breakfast Cookies

I honestly didn’t really like this lab because it had raisins. But I choose to reflect on this lab because this was one that taught me have to make good cookies. When I first got this lab I thought it was going to be gross because there was raisins but when I tried without the raisins it tasted pretty good. I really enjoyed this lab because I learned how to make cookies that are good for breakfast. I also had fun trying this because I personally love cookies and they also had coconut so I wanted to try them so I could one day maybe make them for my family. Our cookies turned out great. It really helped that I had everyone in my group helping each other figure what we were supposed to do next. My group worked really good on everything. We communicated who was doing what jobs and who was going to get the ingredients. The only thing we had a little tiny bit of trouble was getting everyone motivate to help and including everyone in the group. Sometime one person would go the whole cooking time without a job. If I were to do this lab again I would definitely make sure to plan ahead of who gets what job and make sure everyone is ready to help. So when we start cooking everyone wouldn’t go the whole time without helping. With my new group it’s not a problem anymore because we all don’t really care what job we get just as long as it’s getting down. I would also change the recipes a bit to more my liking, by just not adding raisins, only if my group was okay with it. Other than the one problem about who gets one job and making sure people get to help this lab was a success.

Underwater Watercolour Painting

3 Egg Recipes

Breakfast – French Omelette Recipe

This French omelette recipe is a classic and versatile favorite. Fill with cheese and ham or change it up by adding leftover cooked vegetables.


Lunch – Miracle Deviled Eggs Recipe

Miracle Devilled Eggs Image 1

Our Miracle Devilled Eggs are simply delicious. MIRACLE WHIP is all it takes to make everyone’s potluck favourite (you’ll never go back to your old devilled egg recipe!).


Dinner – Frittata Recipe

Frittatas have saved me on more hungry weeknights than I care to count. As long as I have a few vegetables and maybe a little meat to throw in a skillet, I can have a frittata on the table in about 20 minutes. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than diving into a plate of steaming veggie-filled eggs when you’re home late and starving.


Analyzing Advertising Strategies

  1. Product name: Pantene
  2. Describe the images, colours, and font style: The image is yellow and white, and anything with white and another colour makes it pop more. The name of the product which is “Pantene” the word is quite bold and right in the middle so you’re are more likely to remember the name of it.
  3. Name the emotRelated imageions the ad is trying to evoke from the viewer: The emotions from this ad is probably a happy ad because when you use this product you get happier because your hair is stronger.
  4. What type of consumer (youth, parent, single person, senior) do you think the ad is meant to appeal to, and Why? This product I think is aimed to young adults and the teenagers because the person in the ad is quite young.
  5. Advertising Strategies: In this ad they’re using start power by having Selena Gomez in the ad to show everyone she thinks it good so everyone else should buy it too.


  1. Product name: Popchips
  2. Describe the images, colours, and the font style: There is really only one colour on the ad, but just in different shades to still make it pop and make it look appealing.
  3. Name the emotions the ad is trying to evoke from the viewer: The emotion for this ad is definitely happy because the main person is happy about eating heather. Image result for Popular Ads
  4. What type of consumer (youth, parent, single person, senior) do you think the ad is meant to appeal to, and Why? The consumers I think this would be for someone who’s an adult because they’re talking about losing weight and most people of younger age don’t need to worry about it.
  5. Advertising Strategies: This ad is using star power again because everyone thinks Katy Perry uses this product so everyone wants to be like her and eat it too.

Foods Journal – Consumable Waste

Small Acts Are Still Powerful!

                                       Malala Yousafzai

This picture connects to Gandalf’s quote and “The Friday Everything Changed” because Malala Yousafzai had the courage to stand up for women who’s right for education was ignored. Ms. Ralston also had the courage to stand up to the boys. She was the only one to stand up and demand we get the same rights. A Taliban shot her in the head for trying to change it. Like Gandalf’s quote about ordinary people Malala was one everyday average girl, but she knew if she wanted something to change she would have to change it herself. She was able to recover from the shot and went on to right a book on her inspiring story.


Pop Art Project

This picture is POP art because it has solid colours. It also is has things popular today.

Digital Footprint

1) How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples.

a: It could affect my future opportunities by say, my Instagram posts could come back up and keep me from a job or getting into collage. Another thing is if I ran my own company it could collapse just because maybe people couldn’t feel as if they could trust me enough.

2) Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

a: One strategy that I can use is definitely to think about what I’m posting and why I am before I post it. Also to remember that the second you post something or say something where everyone can see just remember that if it includes information about you, complete strangers on the internet can find that out about you. The last thing is just to make sure you at least kinda know what you’re doing.


3) What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

a: I would say that our world today has more technology then it did a while ago so even though we get cool things like the Internet and Xbox’s great technology also comes with responsibility’s. Anythings you know that you post could go along way and come back to bite you. So it’s better to keep the true you off the internet so random stranger’s don’t know your full name and where you live and what you look like. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

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