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Many people have self-esteem, its a part of us. But what happens when your self-esteem lowers? Well, everyone has self-esteem, not all of us know how to cope with it when it drops.

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There are indeed many ways one can cope with these problems. But when people feel no hope towards getting back from where they once were; it can result in some pretty drastic measures. Some people could get caught up in a bad habit of intake on drugs and alcohol. Maybe they have no one to turn to and could hurt others or themselves. These problems could also be started by pressures and issues of something rather serious. The person being pressured might not feel enough confidence to tell those people off. The person could also have some issues already, and pushing them that far could really end up hurting them. They could have anger issues, depression, or they feel constant stress. Pressure can be ridiculous to deal with sometimes. The pressure of a project due, to get good grades to follow your family footstep and even friends can give people pressure. Pressure is different from self-esteem but its not that different. You need both of them in in our life, and it may not feel or look like it but we need it to survive in this world. We also need to come up with way we think could be useful to us. Of course other people have indeed come up with ways that help them and some could help you. But if your self-esteem is really low you should find a way to bring it back. Some strategies are listening to music, talking with friends, your parents, or a council, or to just find something that you find makes yourself happy and makes your confidence go up.



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