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Why the Cleveland Indians should change their logo

Why is it acceptable for people to go to a Cleveland Indians game with their faces painted red? Is it okay to wear a headdress or draw on other sacred tribal tattoos that you do not know the meaning of? I don’t think it is. Well, “The Cleveland Indians have now realized this. Starting in the 2019 season, the logo will finally be removed” (Waldstein). This caricature that is drawn and based off of unrealistic stereotypes. Some fans of the Indians are upset by this, but you can’t make everyone happy. If Chief Wahoo isn’t personally offending you then what’s the big deal; however, for the First Nations people who have been protesting outside the stadium for years, it is a big deal. The logo is racist in so many ways: the teethy grin, big nose, and feather. I personally think “using a whole race of people as mascots is a big issue. It’s as if they’re subhuman. We don’t see the Winnipeg white boys or the Jersey Jews” (Cole). There would definitely be controversy over names like those. So, why is it not okay for a team to use “Jersey Jews” but its totally fine to use Chicago Blackhawks or Cleveland Indians? Many indigenous people also find the name “Indian” offensive; however, they’re happy the logo change is a step in the right direction. The logo promotes coming to games dressed up, whether that’s painting your face red, or literally drawing on a huge smile and wearing a feather on the back of your head; fans do this. The logo also promotes use of made up Aboriginal chants, when the team hits a home run or to hype up the crowd. The team does not have an Aboriginal mascot dress up as the logo for games, but it still remains on jerseys. The removal of the logo can help prevent all of these offensive actions towards First Nations. Fans who are upset about the logo change comment on YouTube videos and blogs: “I’m mad that the Indians have been bullied into changing the logo. Why do we have to cater to the First Nations who chose to view the logo in a negative way. Most Americans and Native Americans view it in a positive way not a racial way and it is your choice on how to see it” (Fuzzy). What do you mean bullied, obviously it was a well thought out decision, and the right one. If you are not Aboriginal, then how do you know that the logo doesn’t offend First Nations because for many it does. Sure, the logo has been in many Indians fans lives for decades and some may think it’s just a harmless drawing which in a way is understandable, but if it is offending so many is it really worth keeping?. The Cleveland Indians logo change should get the ball rolling for other teams to step up, and change their logos, like the Redskins and the Braves.