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Tanya Harrison google hangout

On June 14, 2016 we had a google hangout with Tanya Harrison who is a planetary scientist who helped create the mars rovers. Tanya worked on gathering information on mars; she has a PHD in geology and is a professional photographer. She went to school at the University of Western Ontario. When we were doing the chat I learned quite a few things like how there is water currently flowing on mars which may be a sign of life. I also asked 2 questions during the chat. the first one I asked was What is the hardest part of your job? She said that the hardest part is learning all the terms and parts to everything. Tanya said that this was a hard question for her to answer because there is nothing really hard about her job. The 2nd question I asked was when the rovers fail to land what do you do with them? She said that there is nothing they really can do if they land and smash they can’t go up there to pick up all of the pieces. They will try to restart or charge the rover but that is really difficult to do. I really liked this chat and it has made me want to know more about mars and the rovers and how they look.

Tanya Harrison


Here is the GOHO.

Matone de Chiwit Response

Jamie, Hailey and I are currently working on a website for Karishma. We plan to have it up and running sometime in the middle of June. Since it is a lot of work designing a website and keeping in contact with Karishma; we have not done too much. We have been keeping contact with Karishma through email about the website.

Here are some of the emails that have been sent between Jamie, Hailey, Myself and Karishma.

Hi Karishma,

This is Jamie, Athena and Hailey from Mr Robinson’s grade 9 science class.

We were really inspired from the Google Hangout the other day, and think that it is amazing what you have accomplished. We would love to contribute to your project; If you allow us, we plan to design and create a website to advertise your project and raise awareness on the issue.
please contact us back at this email
Thank you for your time
Dear Jamie, Athena and Hailey,

Hope you are well. Thank you so much for reaching out to me, and apologies for the delay in replying. I was off contact this weekend, and I just got back a few hours ago.
I am so glad you enjoyed the hangout! It was wonderful speaking with all of you and truly motivating to see that you’re interested in saving the world! 🙂 I would absolutely love to have you on board and part of the team. It’s great that you want to create the website.
Perhaps we could continue conversing over email, and share some ideas and designs for the website?
Let me know if that works for you!
Super excited to work with you and thank you so much for your dedication and involvement.
Karishma Bhagani
Dear Karishma,

Thanks for getting back to us,we are glad to have the opportunity to work with you, and excited to see what we can create with and for you.
Our plan is to start the website design and run the details past you as we go. We would love for your opinion and specific requests so we can make this website the best it can be.
Some things we plan to have on the website are, a biography or back ground information of you and your journey of your purifier, a space for donations, and pictures of the purifier and others you think might be beneficial to have on the page.
We would like to give you access to the website as it is being made but we are not sure how that is going to work at this point. When we start building it we will let you know so we can figure out ways for you to get involved in the site making process.
If you have any suggestions or questions we would love to hear them
We cant wait till we start the creation, thanks for your time.

Dear Hailey,

Hope you are well.
Thank you for your prompt response. There are many ideas that we have, and I’m sure you have a couple at your end too. Perhaps we could start small and then as we go, we could incorporate other ideas. I would suggest using an online website creator, such as Wix or Weebly, unless you’d be interested in making the website using code from scratch. This might be more of a challenge but I would be open to it.
For now, the ideas for the pages you have are great – that sounds perfect. Maybe you could start off by creating a general design/aesthetic theme for the website and then we could go from there?
Also, our logo came out today, so I would love to have that on the site too. I’ll be sending out an email to all the schools that are involved with more info this weekend, and so stay tuned!
Thank you again for all your hard work.
Hi Karishma,

Today we plan to start our layout using a website called Wix; We will start with a basic design and then send you what it looks like.
Should we use your email to setup or create a new one? Do you have any suggestions for a password? We will come up with a simple and secure one if you do not have one.
Thank you so much,
Jamie, Hailey, and Athena
Dear Ladies,
Hope you are well. Thank you so much for your email and for updating me on the progress of the website. You could use our email address and then feel free to create a simple password of your choice.
We can then change the username and details later on if need be.
Thank you for keeping me updated and I really look forward to seeing the designs. Once they’re ready, we shall set up a time to talk and you could also get some feedback from the rest of the team and work with our artistic director.
Thanks again and hope to speak to you soon!


I have become more aware of parts of the world that don’t have access to some of the things that we do here in Canada. I have become more grateful for water. Water is a small thing to us we turn on the tap and it comes rushing out; but to others around the world clean drinking water is something that they may have never even seen before. They are all used to walking hours on end for dirty water.

Our goals for the future of this project is to get more people aware of this cause, in Canada and possibly the world. We hope that this will turn in to something bigger. We also hope to have a place on the site where people are able to donate to help Karishma. We are just not to sure how to make that work quite yet.

Jamie, Hailey and I will all be uploading updates on how the website is doing and when it is up and running.

Modeling Mitosis

Cell Membrane (White yarn on outside), Nucleus (White yarn inside), Chromatin (Pipe Cleaners), Spindle fibres (pink yarn), DNA (beads on ends of pipe cleaners).


 interphase (begining)

At the beginning of Interphase DNA is being copied.

Interphase (End)

Near the end the chromosomes are doubled. Spindle fibres are not visible at any part of interphase.



Replicated DNA molecules join together to form sister chromatids.



Chromosomes line up in middle of cell.



Sister chromatids separate into two halves. They move to opposite sides of the cell.




Spindle fibres disappear two new nuclear membranes form.



Cell divides into two.

Athena Malta

Google Hangout with Karishma Bhagani

google hangout

This is a picture of Emily asking her question to Karishma.


2. We did a Google hangout with Karishma Bhagani from Mombasa Kenya. She know goes to school at NYU. She made a water filter for country’s who have problems with getting safe drinking water. Her filter is made for only $10 so it is really affordable. I think that this was a really good idea and that it was really neat to talk to someone all the way from New York, working on a new invention to help out developing country’s around the world.

3.  The question that our group asked Karishma was: Is there a filter or a way to purify salt water since Kenya is right by the ocean? We also wrote down Did you move to the U.S.A for schooling? How did you get inspired to do this project?

4. I learned quite a bit from watching this chat. One person can make a big difference even though its just a little thing, it can change the world. She answered lots of our questions very detailed and very well. A few questions that our class asked were:

Is there a filter or a way to purify salt water? (Our question)

Karishma said that they are wondering about that and there is a way but they are not focused on that right now. She is more focused on country’s that get there water from dirty river water.

What motivates you to do what you do?

Her answer: Never forget where your roots are and where you came from. She was surrounded by poverty in Kenya. She is very happy and grateful to live where she does and the resources that she has. When she sees the Happiness in the peoples faces, when she gives them the water purifiers. We are the future and if we can make the change we are bound to change the world.


Currents From The Kitchen: Results


  1. A closed circuit will produce electron flow.
  2. The volt meter will determine if there is electrons flowing.
  3. It didn’t glow because none of the lightbulbs worked.
  4. We could make sure that all of the lightbulbs work and all the wires are secure.
  5. The closed circuit is letting the electrons flow if you take one thing away it will not work.