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What Music the LOTF Characters Would Listen To

After reading The Lord of the Flies, you get to know the characters and all of their personalities pretty well. So, I thought to myself and wondered: Is Jack more of a Kanye fan? or does he like some weird screamo type ish to lash out? Well, I picked 4 LOTF characters and gave them each a genre and some songs that I think they would listen to.


Jack, to me, seems like he would listen to some hardcore rap. Maybe he likes a little 6ix9ine or XXX from time to time. On occasion, I feel he’d enjoy some screamo when he is really feeling controlling and in one of his dictating moods.


Ralph seems like a pretty cool guy, popular hip-hop might be his thing. From Kendrick and Kanye, to Drake. Whichever are the more popular hip-hop songs and artists. However, definitely not as intense as Jack’s style would be. Ralph is more low-key and not as hard-hitting or controlling.



Roger doesn’t have a particular style or artist for me. I feel he would listen to some songs with pretty dark meanings behind them, like Pumped up kicks. He would especially enjoy them if they are extra dark, because, I mean, I think we now know how Roger is. He may also like 1-800 suicide prevention line, but that may be a little too nice for him.



Simon, being the nice, chill, saintly type of guy he is, may enjoy some chill R&B style music, like Khalid or Post Malone, both of these artists have songs that put you in a good mood, but if you’re feeling down, can also make you cry. Simon seems as if he would enjoy low-key chill music like this, that just gives you the feels.