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Spoken Word

Dear you, a spoken word on a toxic relationship. Dear you I used to paint pictures in my head of what we would look like together I used to dream of the day we would one day meet And the… Continue Reading →

Math 10-Week 13

This week we learned 3 different ways to write equations of linear relations General form ax+by+c+0 general form is usually considered useless because it does not give slope and X and Y are on the same side of the equation… Continue Reading →

Week 6-Math 10

Factoring “ugly trinomials” This method is for when the sum of the 2nd term and the product of the 3rd arent made with the same factors. Ex 2x^2 + 7x + 6 look at the factors of the first and… Continue Reading →

Week 5- Math 10

This week I learned how to solve “simple binomials” quickly and efficiently. We were given a bunch of binomials and were asked if we could spot the pattern, as soon as I saw them i found out the patterns I… Continue Reading →

Math 10- Week 4

This week we learned how to answer trigonometry questions that didn’t involve right triangles. At first glance this looked very confusing and hard but has a simply solution. All i had to do was cut the triangle so that i… Continue Reading →

What would happen if the earth stopped rotating?

What would happen if the earth stopped rotating? If the earth were to stop suddenly than everything on the surface would be destroyed.Although the earth stops the atmosphere and oceans will continue to spin. Once the earth doesn’t spin on… Continue Reading →



Racism Then vs Now

Racism now has drastically changed in the past decades. People of color faced extreme discrimination and segregation in the 1900s and in some cases still do. Racism now is more subtle and very frowned upon where as in the past… Continue Reading →


This week we looked at aboriginal history and LGBTQ + history. I find it so unbelievable and crazy that people experience such discrimination for their history, sexual orientation and gender identity. I have always looked at Canada as such an… Continue Reading →

Reflection Week 4

This week we begun to look at population density. A part of population density is carrying capacity which is the maximum population size of a species that the environment can sustain. According to live science the uppermost population for the… Continue Reading →

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