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Reflection Week 4

This week we begun to look at population density. A part of population density is carrying capacity which is the maximum population size of a species that the environment can sustain. According to live science the uppermost population for the… Continue Reading →

Reflection 3-Poverty

This week we continued to look at poverty and how we can and already do help countries. This process is done by using the world bank, international monetary fund, world trade organization and multinational corporations. This whole process is pretty… Continue Reading →

Life is All About Experiences

Reflection week 1

My past experiences with social studies haven’t been too good, it was always the only class I struggled to excel in and could not comprehend what the point of it was and why we needed to learn it in schools…. Continue Reading →

Plastic Straws in Vancouver

English Choices Essay

My artifact:

Socials Family Tree

Ceramics Lidded Container

My artifact:

Top 5 Things I learned in Math 9

The 5 most important things I learned in math 9 would be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers. Adding and subtracting with polynomials. Linear equations , linear inequalities algebraically and graphically and proportion. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division… Continue Reading →

African Immigration to Canada

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