What would happen if the earth stopped rotating?

If the earth were to stop suddenly than everything on the surface would be destroyed.Although the earth stops the atmosphere and oceans will continue to spin. Once the earth doesn’t spin on its own axis one day lasts as long as a year, we would get 6 months of daylight and 6 months of night. During the six month daytime period the temperature would be far hotter than it is now but still differ based on your latitude. This long term temperature would alter the atmospheres wind pattern and the wind would move from the equator to the poles rather than in wind systems parallel to the equator, the wind will also be four times faster than the fastest end ever recorded. We will also experience a huge tsunami which will destroy everything the wind hasn’t which wont be much. The magnetic field of the earth is caused by an effect which includes the earths rotation. The magnetic field would no longer regenerate and decay. This is a significant bio hazard because we would loseĀ our protection from cosmic rays and high energy particles. Due to tidal effects between the earth and the moon the earth is slowing down on its own, in the last centenary the length of the average day has increased by 1.7 milliseconds. We do not have to worry about this event occurring because at this rate it would take 18.5 billion years for the earth to have a day as long as a year.