Name: Asia Cornelius

Self Reflection

  1. Now that it’s over, what are my first thoughts about this overall project? Explain the positives and negatives.

Some positives of this project were that we had a lot of creativity, some negatives were that it was not very structured.

  1. What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on this project? About the question? Or about myself? Or about others?

I found the discrimination trans and non-binary people face from the government to be quite interesting.

  1. What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so? How can these challenges be overcome if a similar situation arises in the future?

The most challenging moment was when the whole group was unsure what to do. Next time we need to get help as soon as this problem occurs.

  1. What were some things about my group members that I am grateful for regarding this project?

I am grateful that they were able take instructions and do them quickly with a positive attitude.

  1. How did I help others during this process? How do I feel I may have hindered others?

I helped other by taking on more of a leader role in my group and instructed them what to do when there was no structure.

  1. What should I do differently from a personal standpoint the next time I work in groups?

This project was very stressful so next time I might be more of a follower than leader.

  1. How will the learning from this project affect my thinking and actions in the future?

This learning will translate to my day to day life in the future when I think about my words and actions.

  1. Do I have any suggestions for Mr. Chan or Ms. Thomasen on how to improve this project?

To give more of a structured outline and time line.