Racism now has drastically changed in the past decades. People of color faced extreme discrimination and segregation in the 1900s and in some cases still do. Racism now is more subtle and very frowned upon where as in the past it was more encouraged by society as well as the government. There have been some significant changes in the government about racism. A way in which the government¬† supported discrimination is with the Jim Crow laws stating that blacks must attended separate schools as whites, sit at the back of the bus, sit in assigned black seating at restaurants and use different washrooms and drinking fountains. The laws have of course since been abolished. Although these are no longer happening, there is still similar discrimination. In 1966¬† a new political party was introduced, known as the Black Panther Party. This group fought to get rid of the rising number police brutality incidents against blacks, this problem is still going on and is constantly discussed on the news but no real changes have been made. The Black Panther Party were not the only people who were tired of the discrimination against blacks and did something to make a change. Martin Luther King jr fought for equal voting rights and Rosa Parks who was the cause of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I believe these people are inspirations for young activists now. Most being teenagers standing up for second wave discrimination against blacks. Racism has better and “blacks” do not face daily segregation but even with racism getting better and hasn’t been completely alleviated.