This week we begun to look at population density. A part of population density is carrying capacity which is the maximum population size of a species that the environment can sustain. According to live science the uppermost population for the world to have without food being scarce is 10 billion. This number seems high but somewhat concerns me because of how fast the worlds populati

on is increasing.

using this chart you can see the worlds population went up by 1 billion between 1999 and 1012. According to this by 2024 we should hit 8 million but by looking at the world population clock i think we might hit 8 billion quite soon.

Considering how fast the population is growing carrying capacity should be a concern.

We also started talking about population density and by looking at this I learned that some countries are over populated because the population isn’t spread out equally. We also looked at climate change and waste, population has an impact on climate change because the more people there are they more CO2 is created through everyday things like warming our houses and driving to school. Waste has also become a problem because waste decomposes slower then it is created. Every piece of plastic that you have ever owned is still on this earth.