This week we continued to look at poverty and how we can and already do help countries. This process is done by using the world bank, international monetary fund, world trade organization and multinational corporations. This whole process is pretty confusing but from what I understand the country in poverty gets money from the world bank and has to set up somewhat of a plan to pay back the money along with paying interest. After getting the money the country has to go through processes with other organisations and companies. After this big companies from Canada or America build factories in these developing countries and give work to many. The United Nations have set up sustainable development goals. The top 5 goals are: no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education and gender equality. Number six on the list is clean water and sanitation, I was confused by this because i thought this would for sure that this would be above gender equality but after doing research i realized why. In underdeveloped countries girls are often seen as women by the time the are 12. Some are forced into marriage when they are 14 and pregnant by 15. Now to support her family she might have to sell her body which, puts her at risk for getting or spreading disease like HIV. So by having equal right for women and putting her in school, in keeps her safe from being seen as an object and she can use her education to earn a living. There a 50 million 12 year old girls living in poverty, and by getting them an education we can start alleviating this number. What can I do? In class we were shown a great website and organization where you can read peoples story and brows on many different categories and lend money to people who are struggling. I’m very excited about this new project and raising the $25 as a class.