My past experiences with social studies haven’t been too good, it was always the only class I struggled to excel in and could not comprehend what the point of it was and why we needed to learn it in schools. I have started to think more about the importance of socials and have realized that is a very useful class. I believe socials is to learn about the global issues of the past, present and future, more specifically the mistakes people have made and the consequences of their actions and how it has shaped how our world runs today. This week I really enjoyed researching about political ideologies because some of the concepts are often brought up in mainstream media and I never really understood or was able to give my opinion on the topic. Now that I know about the different political ideologies I realize I have a very different opinion then the people I see on the news. I agree with most of the aspects of socialism and disagree with a lot of the concepts of liberalism. This week we also learned about demography which I found really interesting because I never knew how fast the population was growing and how we can calculate how fast it will take to double using the rule of 70. We also learned about how to calculate birth rates, death rates and population increase or decrease. I think demography is important because if an area becomes overpopulated resources will not be produced as fast as they are being made and that will cause outbreak and chaos. So far socials 10 has been intriguing and is starting to change my perspective on the world.