June 20th 1989, today not only marks a new day but a new milestone for us as the third estate.

We met at our usual hall at Versailles for our regular meetings with the Clergy and Aristocrats, only to find ourselves locked out. We realized that in any attempt of reform we would be outvoted by the first and second estate as ┬áLouis XVI gave each estate equal voting power although we represented 98 percent of French people but would still be out voted 2:1. The king refused to give us more power and was forcing us to disband. After the king Ignored our pleas for power and equality we then formed what we called the National Assembly that would represent us, the common people. Knowing Louis XVI would not let us in Versailles for our meetings we relegated to the Royal Tennis Court. We all pledged to continue to meet at the court until the king made economic reforms so everyone had food to eat and France formed a new government. We promised to never separate until a written constitution was established, “Tennis Court Oath” is what we called it. The king was furious but a week later on June 27th 1989 with little choice he had the other two estates join the national assembly. We tried to enact several reforms to introduce more enlightenment style political theory and policy. Then on the 27th of August 1789 we passed the Declaration of the rights of man and citizen.