The Estates General is our representative assembly in France for the three estates, the two privileged minorities: The clergy and the nobility and the third estate which represents the majority of the French people. After not having a representative assembly since  the year 1614, king Louis XVI called one to find a solution to the financial problems of the French government. This year will be the last meeting of the Estates General as we fear we will be outvoted by the two privileged estates in any attempt to reform. Although we, the third estate represent the majority of the French people. This year there were 100,000 members of the clergy estate, 400,000  members of the nobility estate and 27 million members of the third estate. The king decided that every estate would get equal voting power meaning we would always get outvoted 2:1. After arguing for several days on how to vote we took matters into our own hands  and formed the National Assembly where we met on our own and invited members from other estates to join us. Our goal was to start to make our own laws to accommodate those in the lower class and in poverty and to hopefully and to one day rule the country. The Estates General has a long history with the first national assembly of representatives of the three estates meeting at Notre-Dame in Paris on April 10th, 1302 to discuss their current conflict which was a problem between Philip IV and Pope Boniface VIII.