Political clubs are becoming more and more popular as they are like other social gatherings but are currently evolving into something more. Like-minded people gather to discuss political matters and current issues we are facing in our country. Each club develops their own costumes, procedures and membership requirements, the clubs also find a place where the met regularly, all of these things differ depending on the political club. The groups debate, talk about issues happing as of now, set agendas and make strategies about how to deal with some of the current problems. National legislators are also apart of some clubs and their actions are often inspired about what have been discussed at meetings previously. The biggest political club would be the Jacobins, as of now they have over 1500 members. Before the club had grown to where it is now members had to be active citizens and pay and annual fee of 24 livers which limited members to the upper class and middle class. Now the Jacobins have opened their meetings to the public where they are permitted to sitting in the gallery listening to speeches and debates. The Jacobins club meetings are held four times a week and are kept to an agenda. During the meetings this specific club address constitutional issues and asks questions. The Jacobins remain faithful to the constitution and constitutional monarchy all though, a minority of the Jacobins club do have a different, more radical political view.