Since the storming of Bastille four years ago in 1789 the government has been in a constant state of change with France being attacked by foreign countries on all sides and civil war in many regions. Maximilian Robespierre has since taken over the government and started the Reign of Terror. As of now France is being run by a group of men who call them selves the Committee of Public Safety Robespierre leads this group as well as a radical group called the Jacobins who believe it is their duty to “preserve the revolution” even if it means they have to use violence. The committee of public safety made a law called “The law of suspects” this law says that anyone who was suspected to be an enemy of the revolution was to be arrested. The committee built a court called the Revolutionary Tribunal for the trials of any political enemy, once in the court they will decide if you are innocent or guilty and put to death. Everyone is on edge and has to be very careful with everything they do, say and who they talk to in fear of being executed, so far 17000 people have been officially executed by guillotine. If I or anyone else has any bit of oppression to the revolutionary government we may end up in prison or killed , even a simple accusation and we could be executed.

The Reign of Terror began on September 5th, 1793 and has finally came to an end today. July 27, 1794 Robespierre has been removed from power and has been executed.