The prices of bread continue to go up. I go to the market everyday to buy bread for my family only to see that there is little left and costs too much then I have. Last week on October 5th, 1789 I was at the market when a ¬†group of French people mostly made up of females with a few men including one of the leaders Stanislas-Marie Millard revolted started to revolt as the wanted to buy bread for their families at a reasonable price. As we marched more people continued to join and soon enough there were thousands of us¬†marching. First we took over Paris’s City hall where we were able to collect bread as well as some weapons. Soon people started to suggest to march in front of Versailles and confront King Louis XVI and the Queen Marie Antoinette. After six dreadful and tiring hours of marching in the cold and pouring rain we made it to the Kings palace in Versailles. Once we arrived we demanded to speak to King Louis XVI, a small group of us were able to speak to the king and he agreed to provide us with food. After the agreement some chose to leave but some chose to continue to protest. The next morning some of our mob made it in to the palace and violence began, some guards were killed, soon peace was restored by the leader of the National guard, Marquis de Lafayette. Later that day Louis came on to the balcony and we demanded him to return to France with us.