French King and Queen Both Executed! Whats Next for Our Government?

January 21 1793, it seemed as if all of Paris was there, gathered in the Place de la Revolution (Revolution Square) it was cold and wet, we waited to watch our king be executed after the National Convention convicted the king with a near unanimous vote for conspiracy with foreign powers and was sentenced to death. He walked steadfastly to the guillotine and with one stroke our kings head was severed from his body, the youngest guard then proceeded to pick up Louis’s head while walking around on the scaffold. At first silence then, cheers of “vive la republique!” (long live the republic!).Louis the XVI, our king was now dead, leaving behind his four children and wife. October 16 1793, nine months after we watched as her husband was executed Marie Antoinette enters Place de la Revolution after being convicted for treason by a tribunal and sentenced to death. She shows strong emotion but does not resist and even apologizes to the executioner, she then steps on to the scaffold. Moments before the blade is dropped the priest on the scaffold tells her to have courage, Marie responds with “Courage? The moment when my ills are going to end is not the moment when courage is going to fail me. At 12:15 pm the blade of the guillotine falls and our queen, the wife of Louis XVI , Marie Antoinette dies. The morning of her execution she writes in her prayer book My God, have mercy on me! My eyes have no more tears to weep for you my poor children; farewell, farewell!” As well as writing a final letter to her sister-in-law Elizabeth writing, “I am calm, as people are whose conscience is clear.” 


September 23, 2013