July 14th, 1789 A mob broke down the gates of our ancient fortress and royal prison Bastille. 

Bastille serves as our royal armoury and prison on the East side of Paris and represents royal authority in the centre of Paris. Formally known as, Bastille Saint-Antoine. Bastille only has few prisoners mainly for people convicted for political reasons, when someone were to disagree with the kings. Our prison  has no more then 20 inmates and is lightly guarded. Before the attack we had a very disorderly and stress full six months with us as the third estate forming the National Assembly, France transitioning to a constitutional monarchy, and the bread shortages and raised prices. Most of the lower class were spend most of income on bread. On the morning of July 14th a mob of several thousand aggressive and angry people marched in western Paris because they believe Bastille is a hatred symbol of the monarchy and abuse of power. The mob had the intentions of asking our prison governor Bernard-Rene Jordan de Launay to release the arms and munition stored there. The mob then entered the building, at this time there were only 7 inmates, the nearby military refused to get involved. The invaders took off with almost 30,000 riffles but found little gunpowder. Within days Bastille became a tourist attraction we all wanted to go see how the prisoners lived. We saw dungeons, torture instruments and human bones. Soon later the demolition of Bastille was decided and the stones would be sold for construction.