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I think the Shrek 2 soundtrack is heavily underappreciated


(Neurons showed above in order: Mine (motor neuron), Alex’s (sensory neuron), and Aden’s (interneuron) 

So with the neuron’s above, let’s talk about how they work. Okay so Neurons are the reasons our brain allows us to react to danger and the way it works is that at one neuron is stimulated that there is some form of danger which they through their dendrites which are the wiggly things on top like tree roots. From the dendrite, they follow down to the cell body and nucleus of the dendrite which power the neuron and the information go through the axons which are usually covered in myelin sheaths that helps speed neural impulses. During that, the axons gain an electrochemical signal (Action potential) where the axons go from having a resting potential of the positive ions outside the axon and the negative ions inside to depolarization with the channels in the membrane opening allowing the positive ions to enter. After that, the information goes to the terminal branches at the end of of the neuron where they are able to connect to other neurons in order to spread the information and the cycle continues. After the information is fully passed through, the axon performs repolarization where they separate the positive ions out of the axon again.

So now this is a Synapse where the axon on top sends messages down to the other dendrite from synaptic vesicles filled with neurotransmitters that get caught at the nt receptors for the dendrites to capture and the cycle continues with the following dendrite when enough receptors have the information (it all builds up to an action potential) with the neuron determines that it’s an action potential and the information all goes to the brain like a huge game of telephone


In the photo, you see an assembly with a ‘good’ leader to the side to show that we want a balanced and represented assembly for regulations and rules in order for the youths to take more control of their future and for the millennials and baby bloomers to release some power unto us.

Because I am a control freak and fast with creative ideas, the process was ultimately going with my idea since we didn’t have anything else for such a complex solution. Raghad and I were by ourselves so we had to balance ideas between us which made me less overwhelmed since I trusted her and we both had the same sort of concept. We obviously couldn’t design a whole court setting we minimalized it to a small assembly of diverse people and a fair, impartial leader.  


English 11 was fun for me, nothing too easy or hard in my opinion. I had enough challenges to take things seriously but not enough to overwork myself. For others maybe it would have been hard but I loved it.

I enjoyed the Dead Poet Society and Fahrenheit 451, though I do agree that we might have gone a little too much into poetry analysing for me to still enjoy it. The little discussions we had about the psychology and thoughts behind characters were also fun for me because I would use these ‘perspective-shifting’ skills into my real life.

I loved learning about essay and writing techniques that I will definitely implement into my personal writing projects. Overall, loved the course