So for planning we had a really informative lecture on workplace safety so let’s talk about ways to stay safe shall we?

For me, I’m a very shy introverted person but I will try my best to ask for help if I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m also very clumsy so I’d rather be awkward and safe then wing something new.

I’ll try my best to watch out for any potential hazards like things on the ground and electrical cords because again, I’m a clumsy person and don’t want stitches.

If I can I’ll try to wear work safe clothes so nothing baggy or uncomfortable because a sweater could get stuck to a saw, who really knows what get up to.

And along with that I’d try my best to watch out for others by making sure everyone knows what they’re doing and clean stuff off the ground for coworkers.

Besides that, we were learning about stories from others and the one that was really memorable was with Mat and oil accident. It was really memorable to me because that’s always a fear of mine for my dad as he is a chef and using a deep fryer everyday and it was really heart breaking and traumatizing for a 19 year old to experience. It really taught me to trust my gut in situations like that and to always look out for yourself. 

Thanks for reading now go work safe!

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