Photography 11 Portfolio



Ashley’s 2018/19 Photography Portfolio

When I take photos, they’re minimal but I make them look aesthetic or more pleasing to the eye, whether that’s with colour or the way it’s framed. I try to use colour because it can really make the photo stand out and make it have more detail. I think photographers/artist should try to find their own style to make them unique, so they can stand out to other people and draw them in. My future with photography is questionable because I will continue to take photos because that’s what I enjoy doing, but not as a career. But who knows what will happen in the future?


Creative Zone




Natural Light Portraits


Studio Light Portraits




Light Painting


Elements and Principles






i. What part of your finished portfolio did you find most successful and why?

I really like the studio light, and elements and principles photos. I’m proud of how they turned out, and some photos did take a bit of time to execute so I’m glad they turned out nice.

ii. What part of your finished portfolio did you find least successful and why?

Probably my typology project because it didn’t really turn out how I wanted too, and I was having a bit of trouble with it.

iii. If you had the time, what project would you like to redo and why?

Definitely creative zone because that’s when I just started to learn how to use the camera and what kinds of photos/methods there are, so I wasn’t that experienced with it. But now I’ve learned more and could take better photos then ii did before.

iv. Any final thoughts?

I came into this class knowing almost nothing bout how to use a camera, but now I’ve learned a lot and I think that’s great.




TOKTW 2018

The Interview

1.What is your job title?

  • Athletic Director & Grade 7/8 French Immersion Teacher

2. What is your job description? & 3. What are the duties/tasks performed at your job?

  • AD: In charge of school sports, finding coaches, creating practice schedules, informing coaches about games, ordering new equipment, sometimes organizing assemblies like the Terry Fox Run and running the athletic council rendezvous. The rendezvous/RV is students helping out with score keeping, and equipment managing.
  • Teacher: Daily lesson planning of all subjects, trying to find new “themes” for each year to avoid repetition, helping students adapt to certain things differently, having meetings with parents/students to discuss future goals, attending team and school meetings, classroom management- making sure everyone is respectful and taking control, assessment- individually, knowledge, teamwork, handing things in on time, promoting a positive environment

4. What qualifications do you have for this job?

  • Training: Volunteering with youth, Summer Language Bursary Program (French)
  • Education: Bachelor Arts (French and Spanish), Bachelor Education
  • Experience: Language
  • Skills and Attributes: Organization, motivation, hard working, can communicate, work with kids, diligent, team work, problem solving, being a leader, listening, preparation

5. What are some things you like about this job?

  • Working with youth, the energy they give, the challenges (socially, emotionally), team environment

6. What are some things you dislike about this job?

  • Teacher-parent conflict, justifying everything

7.  How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so?

  • Increase in technology

(I went with a teacher from my middle school)


Student Reflection

1. Give reasons why you would like this job

  • I’ve wanted to be a teacher for a while now, specifically grade 8 and English immersion
  • I want kids to feel safe
  • I want to teach real world useful things

2. Give reasons why you would not like this job

  • So much planning
  • Kids can be stressful sometimes

3. Is this job for you?

  • I would say so, yes. I’m very social so that can help connect with students and I think being a teacher is a pretty good job. My grade 8 teacher also said I’d be a good teacher.

4. Explain the TOKTW experience in relation to post secondary

  • It may open your mind to something new, that maybe you’ve never thought about before
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