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I think we did this project very well together and divided the work evenly, we were ahead of time and didn’t really have any conflicts of interest. We also used google docs so we could all access our project and information at anytime, anywhere, so that worked really well. Overall I’m glad how the finished finished product looks, and how much research/information we had. I felt confident in our resources because we didn’t just pick random sites on google, but used Gayle engage, and made sure our information came from reliable sources.





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Wonder Project Blogpost #1

Is Time Travel Possible? How Would it Affect Modern/Future Day Society?

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Why is the Question Meaningful to You?

This question is meaningful to me because, I always think how amazing it would be to go back or forward in time. We would be able to change and see things we thought we could never do before. I could be a completely different person, have different friends, live in another country, see how my future will be, all because I went back and did something different. I’m going to focus more on time travelling forward though because I think it makes more sense. Time travelling backwards would be very interesting but even if we could fix something from the past, your time travelling forward again it’s a loophole that goes on and on forever. So if I focus on 1 time travelling type it could make more sense, and we could work on changing things in the present.

Why is this question meaningful to others?

I think this question to others because if time travelling was available to the public, everyone could access it and see what they could be like in the future, people could start adjusting how they live now and that would change them in the future. People could know when they pass away and could prevent it, if it wasn’t a natural disease.

Sub Questions:

  • How much would it cost?
  • Would the amount of deaths change drastically?
  • Would scientist allow time travelling to the public or keep it to themselves and the government?
  • How much would it affect humans if they could know their future


This can be known as a twin paradox, it’s when 1 twin stays on earth and the other twin goes into outer space on a high speed rocket. The twin that stays on earth will age much more than the twin that went to space. So lets say 30 years past by on earth, only 2 years past by in space, when the twins stand beside each other it’s shocking. This happens because with the predictions about special relativity, it’s in precise agreement or else called the “inner clock.” It’s a travelling particle that runs much slower than that a particle of the same species that remains at rest.

Markus Pössel, ” The case of the travelling twins ” in: Einstein Online Vol. 04 (2010), 1007 

This next article says that time travelling forward is “easy.” Because of Albert Einsteins relativity theory in 1905, it shows that time passes by at different rates for people who are moving relative to each other, although this effect only shows big effects when you’re getting closer to the speed of light. But getting back would technically impossible, because it says you need to travel faster than the speed of light to get back which is not possible. His theory also leads to wormholes, which are like a tunnel through space time connecting distance parts of the universe. If the “mouths” of these wormholes are moving relative to  each other, then when the traveler goes through it it will bring them into a different point in time then when they started.


a) What questions did you research in order to research your topic?

I tried to research different types of methods of time travelling to see what was out there. Since this topic can be modified multiple ways, going back in time, going forward, or going back/forward in time but just being a “ghost” and watching over whats happening.

b)  What new or familiar digital tools did you try and use as you worked through this project?

I used google and tried to find real articles, instead of the usual “news” sites because they can be correct but it’s just written by a writer that was told by a reporter what happened, so it’s not an actual scientist writing the facts.

c)  What was the process you used to investigate this topic?

First I tried to research methods of time travelling, because how can we think of what we can do when there’s not a way to get us there first. The next thing I researched is how far we would be able to travel, I’m specifically thinking forward in time so I’ll focus on that more when I research more about how far we can go. Then we need to know how much access we will be able to have, like is it going to be available to the public or no, the cost and so on.

d)  How did you verify and cite the information that was found?

On some articles they have a section where they tell you to cite it like how they want, so I copied and pasted the information from there. I found that really helpful too because then you don’t have to worry about whether you cited it right or not.

e)  How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?

It was a bit challenging finding information, I could’ve spent more time working on it, so I’ll make sure to work harder on the next steps of this project.











Community Connections

I interviewed my previous middle school teacher, Lorenzo Cirillo. I chose to interview him because I’m thinking about becoming a teacher in the future. He was a very good teacher, the teaching style that he used was good and understandable, his personality was great and I know the people in his class liked him as a teacher too. I hope I can be a good teacher like him someday. Now he has a fly fishing 11 course that he designed, and an outdoor program and English high school teacher at Glen Eagle. He previously teached at Pitt River Middle for a number of years.


The first question is why are you passionate about your job?

He’s passionate because he feels like you have to be for the students to be interested in you, and to have a connection with them. Although sometimes you do have to fake it because you as teacher may not be interested in the topic you’re teaching but you have to get through it anyways. He also feels as this job is life long learning.


What were the obstacles you faced?

He went to Douglas Collage  for 4 years doing the university transfer majoring in history while having a job at a fish place. He got into SFU and studied there for a year and a half to become a high school history teacher. He then applied to the teaching program at SFU but didn’t get accepted right away Then 7 years past still working at the fish place which is how he found a wife, had a kid, got a house and got bills to pay. He had a gotten a bit side tracked with the whole teaching thing, but now he needed to step up and earn some more money and find a job that could last. Still working, went to night school (which was hard because group projects were hard to do when you’re always busy), applied for a middle school teaching program, got in and now had to learn every subject, he had to take math for teachers which he did not like. By now he had quit his job to work on becoming a teacher. He then applied to SFU 5 times for being a history high school teacher but got rejected every time. Finally his wife got mad and wrote an appeal (she’s good at writing letters) and they accepted him. At this very same time he applied to UBC’s middle school program and also got accepted. He chose UBC because he was fed up with SFU. He then became a middle school teacher and never had to substitute a single day because I guess he was just that good. He felt this experience made him a better person.


What’s your advice?

-Don’t get discouraged by other people

-Public schools are hard to get into

-Be yourself

-Always challenge yourself


Is high school or middle school better?

In the beginning middle school seemed better than high school but then as the year went along, high school started to grow on him. The 2 places are very different, the teachers are way more connected in middle school and he’s made some really good friends there.


Where would you be if Glen Eagle didn’t offer a outdoor program/his fly fishing course?

Honestly he doesn’t know. He had a flying fishing 11 course designed and almost brought it over to riverside but that didn’t happen. He could be still teaching at Pitt River. But who knows? He seems happy with the teaching job he has now because it’s everything he likes doing/teaching, he would always tell our class about his camping trips and fishing/hunting stories.



Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

In this picture book we created seven images and wrote seven sentences to summarize the “Cremation of Sam McGee”. When we took these images we took into consideration the mood that was presented in the poem. We found that most of the poem was in a mysterious, sad mood but than in the last stanza it turned into shocked and happy. When we created the design (title page, background colour etc..) we tried to make it as though the colours added mood.

Digital Footprint

1.How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

– Your future school/job opportunities could be taken away if something bad is found by searching you up.

– Lots of backlash if someone digs something bad up when you’re older.


Image result for interview     Image result for rejected

2. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

– Putting your social media accounts on private.

– Don’t put bad things on your accounts/anything that can get you in trouble.

– Think before you post.      


         Related image               Image result for social media phone animated


3. What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

– That your pictures could be up on google without you even knowing about it and anyone can look at them

– Your iPhone has a history list of all the places you’ve been if your location is turned on, which can be a good thing if you’re trying to navigate something but it’s still kind of weird.


Related image                 Image result for googling yourself


4. Sources:


Rejected Paper

Private Account

Social Media Gif

Location Map

Google Yourself



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