My Favourite speech

I think this speech is very precious because it is about love between mother and  her son When he was young he losesd his Mother

and his life wasn’t easy. He miss his mom and he and is sad .

In this speech the man has very medium volume, good eye contact and nice body language. He is good speaker. He can show his emotional in the speech very well.

In week 17 we finished last chapter.This chapter about Trigonometry.It was easy chapter.and we have test about this chapter on Wednesday.

example:  a²=b²+c² we just apdate to r²=x²+y² .This is a firs lesson 

The second lesson about reference angles.The reference angle for any angle in standard position can be determined .for an angle in Quadrant 2 such as 155°,the reference angle is:


The fours lesson about sine law

And some example:

And in the last lesson in this chapter we learned the coding law.

The coding Low :ΔASL    a²=s²+l²-2sl cosA

In ART 10 we  made dragon.At the first we draw in the scach book .then we painted.Then we made it with a clay .We built it in a week .And we put it in the furnace.After two day we painted.

In week 14 we learned about Rational Expressions and equations it is a easy chapter.On Wednesday we had tast chapter 8.On Friday we studied lesson 7.2 and did home work in class.l’m glad to in Ms Burton’s class.

In week 13 we learned about Absolute Value and Reciprocal function.l’m soo try to learn this chapter and on Friday and Saturday I practiced soo mach because we have test on Wednesday and I’m soo worried.I hope to finish this exam successfully.

now some example about this chapter: Continue reading

In week 12 we learned about Absolute value and Reciprocal Function.And this week also we had test about Graphing Inequalities and systems of equations.At first I thinked it was difficult but it was  essy.example about new learn: