Different Types of Incomes

3 jobs that pay by the hour:

  1. Outside sales consultant
  2. Mail room Clerk
  3. Web Chat Customer Sales Specialist 

3 jobs that pay by piece work:

  1. Home Center Assembler
  2. Production Worker
  3. Cleaning Technician

3 jobs that pay by commission:

  1. Stockbroker
  2. Loan Officer
  3. Insurance Sales Agent

3 jobs that pay by salary:

  1. Accounting Manager
  2. Credit Card Product Manager
  3. Nursing Supervisor

I feel like getting payed by the hour is a better way to be payed because you get payed by the hour no matter what you do (with some exceptions) and you also have the chance to get raises and promotions.

Novel Study Self-Assessment


#1 “Pop! Pop! Pop! The shooting started again, but now it sounded farther away. Grandma stiffened but then looked at Nia and me and relaxed. We were safe. At least for tonight.” I chose this passage because the book may be about DeShawn and his struggles to stay in school, but it’s also about how the projects are an unsafe place to live and you never know if you’re going to die. 

#2 “The metal creaked until it formed a V, like the V in the furrows of skin between his eyes as he fixed them on me.” This passage is a representation of simile.  

“And he got a twenty-five-karot diamond pinky ring. Them Gangstas use kids nine, ten years old.”  

“Maybe you should join them Gangstas.” I joked.” This passage is a representation of irony.  

#3a)  t-s “Maybe you’re the one who’ll really do something with his life. But to do that, you’ll need a better education than you’ll get here. So you’ll think about Hewlett, right? I nodded. He placed the pass in my hand, and I headed for the door.” 


Pg. 57 Gale – A strong current of wind 

Pg. 69 Gwap – Another word for money  

Pg. 70 Do-rag – A scarf or cloth worn on the head, typically with its ends or corners tied together in the back. 

Pg. 77 Grimacing – Scowl, frown, sneer  

 Population: 4,588 residents  

Important people:  

  • Kelis Rogers (singer) 
  • Stephan Dweck (humourist) 
  • Monteria Ivey (1960 – 2001) (game show host)  
  • Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs (actor) 
  • Mekhi Phifer (actor)  
  • Reggie Carter (NBA basketball player)  

Social aspect:  

The projects are viewed as a place for poor people to live. Lots of drugs and gangs are also associated with the projects. The standard of living there is looked at as dirty and a bad place to live.  


1a. A pregnant lady got shot by two kids 9 and 10 years old. This is important to the story because it brought attention to the projects and how they are a bad place to live.   

1b. LaRue was killed by Marcus. This is important to the story because LaRue was Nia’s (DeShawn’s sister) boyfriend and the father of her two kids.  

1c. Lightbulb started to work at King Chicken. This is important to the story because Lightbulb is a very smart kid and one of DeShawn’s best friends.  

1d. DeShawn became a Disciple. This is important to the story because everyone thought that DeShawn would do good and stay in school. 

1e. Marcus was killed by Jamar. This is important to the story because Marcus was the leader of the Disciples and “like a father” to DeShawn.  

  1. Looks like:
  • Broken-down buildings 
  • Dark tinted windows 
  • A leather seat 

Sounds like:  

  • Faint talking 
  • Gun shot 
  • Quiet but heavy breathing  

Feels like: 

  • Still air 
  • Chilly  
  • Uncomfortable  

Feels like:  

  • Scared  
  • Nervous 
  • Worried 
  • Trembling 

The place was when DeShawn was in the car when Marcus was shot by Jamar.  

  1. DeShawn struggled when Marcus was killed. This is a person vs person conflict because DeShawn is angry at Jamar for killing Marcus.


  1. DeShawn got more angry because of Jamar killing Marcus. 

2a. (Direct characterization)  

(Patterson) “How old do you think Marcus Elliot was?” 

(DeShawn) “It might have been strange, but I’d never thought about it. “Twenty-seven? Twenty-eight?” 

(Patterson) “Try twenty. He would have turned twenty-one next month.”  

(DeShawn) “The news surprised me, just as Patterson knew it would.”  

This tells us that DeShawn was surprised by the age of Marcus because he seemed to be older than he actually was.  

2b. (Indirect characterization) 

(DeShawn) “I didn’t have to look to know that they had Tanisha. My stomach knotted. Why did they have to bring her into this? But at the same time, I knew exactly why.”  

This tells us that DeShawn was scared that Tanisha was in the back because he didn’t want to get her involved and/or killed.  

3 .  Smart, Trust-worthy, and angry. I chose these adjectives because DeShawn was smart about buying the AK-47’s, he was trust-worthy with all the secrets Marcus told him like the bail money, and he is angry because of his family not having money and him not being able to see his girlfriend because of rival gangs and such.  

  1. don’t join gangs because you have a high chance of being killed.

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P.E. Health Reflections

P.E. Reflections  


Unit 1 

Reflection #1  

Life is filled with stressors, there will always be stress, it simply changes over time. Learning methods to cope with it at different stages in life is important. List 3 things that personally cause you stress in your life. Briefly explain what each thing is and why it causes you stress. Explain some positive things you can do to help yourself when you are feeling stress. 

  1. School causes me stress because of the thought that you have to fit in with what is “normal”. For example, the way people dress or act.  
  2. Homework causes me stress because there is so much of it and its very time consuming.  
  3. Tests cause me stress because I always get anxious before they happen because I think that I’m going to fail.  

Some ways I can deal with these stressors are by studying for tests more, doing as much homework in class as I can, and by not caring about what other people say or think about me.  

 Reflection #2  

How much time do you spend each day on technology for entertainment (in other words, for anything other than school/work)? What benefits do you receive from your technology use? What are it’s risks to you (social, mental/emotional, physical)? What would be the ideal amount of time for you to spend with technology? If you chose a time less than what you currently use, what will you do with your extra time? How can you increase your “real  life” interactions? 

I spend about 5 hours at the least on technology each day. The benefits I get are being able to communicate with my friends, and being able to relax and think about other things while I watch a video and such. The risks are that it is very easy to be addicted to it, and spending too much time on devices can change the way you are as a person. For example the way you act or treat other people. The ideal amount of time anyone should spend on a phone or laptop or TV would be at the most 2 hours, and that’s a long time. With my extra time I would go outside or hang out with my friends.  

 Reflection #3  

Your assignment is to identify one new strategy that you used and learned today that can be used to cope with difficult times in your life. Explain how you would use it, give a real life example.  (Possible responses: Rules of Five, mediation, mindfulness, deep breathing, positive self talk) 

One new strategy I would use is positive self talk. For example, if someone said something rude to me, instead of over-reacting, I would say or think to myself “its ok. There is no reason to get mad about what he/she said. Its untrue.” Also I listen to my brother talk bad about me all the time so this can help me when I feel like getting angry at him.  

 Reflection #4  

Think about a situation in your life, where a friend or family member may need support in an unhealthy relationship. Explain the situation briefly, identify one responsibility that you have as a good friend/partner. If the situation requires support, how and where would you access that support (Some possible responses may include: to never say anything mean about anyone online, to be kind and caring, to trust my partner, to respect my partner’s time with family and friends, to encourage my friends/partner, etc.) 

Lets say one of my friends is getting bullied by someone and tells only me about it. They say that its been going on for a couple months now and they are feeling very depressed because they think what the person is saying about them is true. I feel like my responsibilities as a friend is to defend my friend if I see it happen in person. But also to report it to a counsellor. Just to make sure that someone else knows about it so they are safer. I would convince the friend to tell a counsellor before I told the counsellor.  

Reflection #5  

Explain a recent situation in your life, or someone you know, where there was conflict, an opportunity for you to be and Agent of Change. Reflecting on the variety of tools provided in this lesson, describe several tools that could have been used to bring resolution to the conflict. 

Some of the people I am friends with making fun of another friend I have because of the way he/she dresses. (made up) 

If I were in that situation, I would feel pretty embarrassed. So since that situation would be embarrassing, I would talk to the friends making fun of the person and say “Hey. Imagine you were in that persons shoes. How would you feel?” And I would stick up for that person because I was bullied as a kid and it sucks. So I wouldn’t want anyone feeling that way because it isn’t a good feeling. 

Unit 2  

Reflection #1 

Identify one area of protective factors you could try to work on for your own resilience (better communication skills, better problem solving skills, trying to use different coping strategies, trying to be more positive, joining more extracurricular activities at school, getting to know which people in the school  could support  me, etc.). 

Some protective factors I could work on are better communication skills and better problem solving skills because I usually don’t talk about my problems which is a problem because I keep it inside of me and then I get angry and end up yelling sometimes. That is also why I need to work on problem solving skills because yelling is not a good way to solve problems. Talking to a friend or counsellor is a good way to help with problem solving.  

Reflection #2 

Think of a conversation starter you might use to talk to a friend when worried about the friend’s  behaviors. Think to yourself of a statement you could use to start the conversation. For example, “I’ve noticed that you haven’t been at school  a lot lately… ” or “You don’t seem like yourself lately…”  When communicating with any friend that  needs support for any reason, it is important to listen, be non-judgemental and  let the friend know you are available to talk/help when  they are ready.  

A conversation starter I would use is “Hey man, I noticed that you aren’t acting the same and I wanna know what’s up. I’m always here for you and if you don’t want to tell me everything it’s ok. I just want to help you go back to the normal ‘you’.” 

Reflection #3 

In the video you watched, what medical, social, emotional and economic impacts occurred because of drug addiction? What stood out to you or surprised you from what you saw? How does this change how you view drug addiction? 

Medical – lots of drugs that are used for medical purposes are used for fun and recreation which I think I think is very bad because those drugs are made for the purpose of certain things, and if you don’t have that certain problem and you are taking the drug(s), it could cause negative effects.  

Social/ Emotional – Most of the people in that video came from a good family who loved them and had friends who cared about them. I think that is sad that they took a turn down the wrong road. How they tried something once and couldn’t stop. Most of them never talked to their parents and friends after they started doing serious drugs.  

Economic – The economic effect these people have on society are that since they are mostly all homeless, they will be doing drugs and throwing needles and such on the ground for someone to maybe step in. Also, they have made Hastings Street a dangerous place to be day or night.  

What surprised me the most is how many homeless people their were. And it hasn’t really changed the way I feel about drug addiction. I still think its horrible and ugly and I feel bad for the people who are drug addicts because they can’t control themselves.  

Reflection #4 

Provide a realistic example of a situation when you could possibly use a communication skill of delay, refusal or negotiation. 

Someone: “Hey man, I just got a bong from one of my friends and I have some weed. You wanna get high?” 

Delay – “Not right now I have a lot of homework to do and my dad will know if I come home high.” 

Refusal – “Nah man I don’t feel good and I might throw up if I do smoke.” 

Negotiation – “How about we go out to eat because I’m really hungry.”  

Reflection #5 

Identify something new you have learned in this unit that you feel will help you when making decisions  related to substance use, addictions or other related behaviours in the future.  (Possible responses: consequences, understanding protective factors, realizing  there are protective factors within their control that they can influence, understanding consent and  how it relates to substance use, understanding how substance use can affect relationships  with others, etc.) 

I learned about being able to say no better and more effectively. I already knew about some of the effects of drug addiction but seeing some of the facial changes and the scars makes me stray farther from drugs all together. I would never want to look like the people in that video. I will 100% stay clear from harmful and recreational drugs in the future.    

Community Connection

I learned that everyone does different things for different reasons. For example, one person could paint because they like to paint. However, another person could paint because they want to express them self through a painting. Personally, I like photography because I can express moods and feelings through a picture. I also like taking photos in general.

I interviewed my close friend Matthew. He is 14. He was the one who got me into photography. I chose to interview him because he is a great photographer and a person that I respect and look up to. I have learned a lot about photography from him and he is a big influence on me.

Me: “Why are you passionate about photography?” 

Matthew: I’m passionate about photography because its the single thing that keeps me happy. The days i’m not feeling too happy I head out and shoot which cheers me up. Photography for me has set me so many new opportunities and made me meed so many people who later became my friends. Photography makes me feel alive and that I have a purpose in life.


Me: “What obstacles have you faced to get to where you are today?” 

Matthew: “The obstacles I have faced are people and their criticism. Back then people would always slam on me saying I wasn’t good and that I would never be successful. Some of those people even took friends away from me. But I used their hate to make me stronger.


Me: “What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?”

Matthew:If you have a passion, you have it for a reason. Who ever tries to take you down because of that is someone you shouldn’t be around.


Me: “Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students?”



Me: “What is your favourite thing about photography?”

Matthew:The people. I’ve made so many friends because of it.


Me: “Where do you think you will be in the future?”

Matthew:Chasing my passions.