DOAS Monologues

Happy: I am tired of being in your shadow Biff. I am tired of mom and dad always looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you and all your “success” when clearly I am the one who has a better life. I have a stable job, an apartment, a car. Yes, I may no have a stable relationship but I will get there! I am tired of everyone being “Oh Biff and Biff”, but it’s never me. I can never even get dad’s attention when I ask him to look at my weight loss progress! I think this has to change Biff, and you need to help me do it. I feel like this has been a barrier to me because I am never confident when it comes to a job promotion. You need to stop being so selfish and help your brother out. I have always been there for you and I have always supported your decisions, and I think it’s time for you to do the same.


This is a monologue because it shows Happy’s feelings towards being Biff’s shadow and how this has been a negative cause to many events in his life.


This monologue would fit in the current plot when everyone is pointing fingers to everyone’s failure and this is the moment when Happy can talk about how he feels and get something good out of it.

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