Plot Point Photos – “Father and Son”

Father and Son Plot Point Photos

This is a project that tests our knowledge on the short story ‘Father and Son’ written by Bernard MacLaverty. In this project the class had to find quotes from and match them with each plot point, exposition,conflict, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. The short story ‘Father and Son’ is written in a unique way where the reader reads from two point of views; one being the father and the other being the son.  This story is about a troubled relationship, the hardship and the heartbreak they face.

1) Exposition


“He will come to look at me before he goes out to work.”


This is just the start of the all problems that occur in this story because the son is already annoyed with his father and it is only the beginning of the story. As the reader you understand straight away that the son is very impatient with his father and they do not have a close relationship.


2) Rising Action


“My son is breaking my heart. It is already broken…”


This is the beginning of rising action because the father is expressing his concern and emotions that he feels towards his son farley early on in the story. He is in need of some compassion and love from his son.


3) Rising Action


“I want to know if you are in danger… I had to go collect you. Like a dog.”


This is the first time the father provides some insight on why he is so concerned about his son. He seems to hint that perhaps in the future his son had a drug addiction, was living on the street and was near death before he came and saved him.


4) Rising Action

Quote: “Today, I thought you were dead”


Here we see how the dad is constantly paranoid and every time he hears some boy is dead and learns that he resembles his son. He automatically assumes it is his son who has died and is constantly surprised and relieved when he walks through the door.


5) Rising Action

Quote:”What’s that? Under your pillow?”


The dad is always coming and checking on the son. He is constantly worried, no longer trusts his son and believes that he is up to no good and falling back to his old ways with the wrong crowd. This makes the son resentful towards his father.


6) Climax

Quote: “There is a bang.”


This would be the climax of the story. At this point the son has been shot and the father has heard the “bang” he rushes to his sons side only to find his limp body at the foot of the stairs. One could say that everything has been “resolved” due to the fact there will no longer be any more arguments or worrying between father and son.  


7) Falling Action

Quote: “My son is lying on the floor, his head on the bottom stair, his feet on the threshold.”


This is after the son was just shot. The father is figuring out that his son is dead and he is devastated. He just wanted to protect his son but failed at doing so.  He is heartbroken and disappointed in both himself and his son.


8) Denouement


“My son, let me put my arms around you.”


He hasn’t been close with his son for a long time, and now that he is dead this was his last chance to hold his son.  This moment was a moment of peace and heartbreak for the father. He no longer had to worry about his son and knew his son was safe and in a better place. Holding his son was a way of saying goodbye and giving forgiveness.



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