Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

Smith, also known as Smitty in “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan, a small, middle-aged man, who is described as “… A mild, harmless-looking Little guy”(Callaghan, 1), who has a very unfortunate job of putting people to their death. However, Smitty was a very nice man, very kind and caring. At the beginning of the story we see how Michael Foster, the reporter, is looking for this “hangman”, but he didn’t expect Smitty to be the one. As the story goes on, Smitty and Foster build up on this friend-relationship based on Foster’s interest in the case. Smitty doesn’t change as much in throughout the story, since he really shows who he is all the time. His passion we can assume is fishing, such as one of his aspirations. One of his other aspirations is his family. He doesn’t have a very nice job, which he will still do, due to the fact that he has five kids and a wife he has to maintain. Near the end of the story, we can see how after he hangs the man, he is afraid of the people. When he is coming out of the police station, he looked around and “…he looked around helplessly at the angry people”(Callaghan, 4) while hiding himself in the angry crowd.


I really think he deserved better. Even if his job was not the best, he didn’t do it on purpose.


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