Blinding light – Mini Inquiry Poem

Blinding Light  We are like sunflowers standing in a flowerbed All wanting to have the sun Twisting, twirling, waiting. Reaching over others for the tangible, Longing for the painted arcadias We are like sunflowers standing in a flowerbed, so consumed by the blinding light of the sun  That we forget the importance of the intangible […]

Different Types of Income

3 jobs that are paid by salary are teaching jobs such as a high school teacher, an orthodontist or an attorney. 3 jobs that are paid by hourly wage are dental assistants, a construction worker and a financial clerk. 3 jobs that are paid by commission are real estate agents, a stockbroker and insurance sales […]

Skit #2 – April et Anella – Les questions

Les réponses courtes 1. C’est quoi le conflit? 2. Quelle couleur était les robes? 3. Que sont les trois vêtements que Anella à suggérer à April pour porter? 4. Quels drapeaux étaient sur les robes? Vrai ou faux 1. Au début, April n’a pas su que les deux robes étaient les mêmes. 2. Elles ont […]

Blog Log #4 – Pink Moments

The essay: Blog Log 4: Beauty just waiting to be discovered Connie Spittler’s subject intrigued me because I love being in nature. I wanted to discover how she finds comfort in nature because people find nature comforting or peaceful in many ways. I enjoyed how Spittler uses rich vocabulary to create imagery in my […]

Blog log #3 – Peace Begins With One Person

The essay: Blog log 3: Domino Effect I found this essay to be very interesting because it explored how one person could change someone’s life by doing a small good deed. Ivory Harlow illustrated from her own experience, how her one good action towards a customer at her job as a waitress in a diner, made […]