Lit circle Discussion #1

These were the questions I made for the group, but we ran out of time and could only answer four of the questions.

  1. How has the main character’s family impacted their lives?
  2. If you were in the main characters shoes, how do you identify with the main character?
  3. How would you define the main characters identity?
  4. What connections have you made from the main character that can relate to the author’s life experiences?
  5. What conflicts so far have made the main character question their own identity, similar to the short story “The Name Jar”?
  6. From the characters we have talked about today, what are the differences and similarities of how the main character’s environment made an affect on their lives?

Historicall Background On Novels

Why do we have to know the historical background on novels.

The historical background on novels can justify the authors text and give the reader greater understanding of the novel. Knowing what events are happening throughout the novel can help the reader make connections to their life. Big historical events cause great effect to people’s life’s, they can change the way people think around the world and be the reason for many different emotions. The author may write the book baced on the historical background in his life.

Desmos Art Function Card 2018

When I was trying to figure out equations for this project I used my understanding from previous units to remember the equations. I also had to look back at the book and experiment with equations that I forgot could work on my card. In some cases I could use multiple equations for certain pieces on my card and it was challenging to figure out which equation would be best for the job based on the different qualities of them. For me it was hard to figure out how to shade in my self portrait, I had to change many of my equations so that I could be able to shade certain parts. Another challenge was to use a rational function, because I had completely forgot about them. I ended up adding two of them in on the center of my reel. I got help from some of my friends in different classes, since we did the project during the break. One of my friends gave me the idea for my card while we were going to the store to get some ice fishing gear together. A strategy that I used was giving all of the functions individual names so that I could use the names to shade in parts of my card. This holiday card helped me become more efficient, because had to input so many different transformations, functions, and relations, and this made me memorize how they all looked and what I needed to reflect or translate the functions into what I wanted.