Wonder Project

Question: How well do protests and strikes actually help change climate change in Vancouver?

Summary: Protests and strikes at times don’t do too much because the government do not have to listen to them. But it is a pretty effective way of pressuring them. To get any sort of strike or protest to work, you would need to have a large amount of people doing it or else it will not get acknowledged. In some strikes there might be no other choice but to listen or to give in, this quote well describes an example; “Strikers have leverage when their absence from work disrupts activities that are valuable to policymakers. If railway workers go on strike, trains cannot run and the public is upset.”

Reflect on how it can answer my question: For Vancouver and the Greta Thunberg  climate strike, it has gotten a LOT of recognition, this will not directly turn into the government changing all their policies to make this their main issue, but it opens their eyes to it, and helps other individuals be more conscious and try to help out themselves. “Student strikes probably do not disrupt the government or fossil fuel firms.” So if i had to come up with one final statement that could best describe how climate and strike protest are effective; not really, but it does make it a known issue/cause that people will start to consider.

Explain what the next steps are: I think that the next step isn’t to research more about if it effective or not, but what can we do to make it so, and how do we achieve that. This question was not too simple because there is no definitive, clear answer that you can google or answer within a mere paragraph. It depends on opinions, and how its worked in the past to even get a grasp on what the answer is.

Resource: Prakash, Nives Dolsak and Aseem. “Climate Strikes: What They Accomplish And How They Could Have More Impact.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 14 Sept. 2019, https://www.forbes.com/sites/prakashdolsak/2019/09/14/climate-strikes-what-they-accomplish-and-how-they-could-have-more-impact/#728994775eed.

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Although I didn’t exactly celebrate Thanksgiving this year due to my oddly timed and inconvenient trip to Arizona, I still have plenty to be grateful for. One such example of that is being able to travel so often; a lot of people don’t have the privilege to be able to travel to all sorts of interesting places, I am so lucky to be able to. I travel so often that I’m even writing from a comfortable leather chair in Sedona, Arizona. Once it’s May I will be off again to the Orlando school trip, which is such an indulgent opportunity. I’m grateful for much more things in my life, and one sizable segment is that my family can live in such a safe place as Canada. In the past my parents lived in other places that were not as peaceful, or have as many opportunities and rights like Canada. I also harbor gratefulness to the teacher who will grade this post well, even though it is 21 words past the limit.

Cathedral Rock hike, Sedona, Arizona, 2019-10-15

Infinite Thoughts

What do you know about infinity?

I know that infinity goes on forever, there is no end to infinity. I also know that its very hard to think about even when its big brain time.

What new things have you discovered?

I have discovered that there are different kinds of infinity like countable infinity. There are \lso different sizes of infinity.

How can you explain the different sizes of infinity? 

so if 1-infinity is an infinite number then there is also negative infinity, so with negative infinity and the 1-infinity then it makes sense that there is infinity. With things like countable infinity its all the natural numbers – infinity. But there are more numbers than that, there are an infinite number of numbers in between 1-2 and 2-3 and so on, then that mean that that infinity is an infinite times more numbers then countable infinity.

What are countable and uncountable infinities? 

As i explained before, between each number there are an infinite amount of decimals. Its impossible to count a decimal because you can just keep on adding .000000 till you die so its impossible to even count one number. Countable numbers are just natural numbers so,1, 2, 3, 4…..and so on. You cant actually cant up to infinity but you can try.

What questions do you still have about infinity?

I wonder what other things are infinite, other than numbers and space and such? I also wonder if it is possible to use infinity in an equation? Is half of infinity still infinity?

Fractured Poetry Bk A

Sentence: “My last gymnastics competition ever, I was on bars and I had just competed my bar routine, it was the first time I had ever connected and stuck my entire routine.”

This sentence involves my grips because i could not do my bar routine without them, and my grips symbolize all the things i have learned thought my gymnastics experience.

Phrase: “I will always remember what my grips have taught me.”

Again, my grips didn’t teach me a lot, but it symbolizes what gymnastics has taught me.

Three words: Patience, strength, and discipline.

These words are exactly what gymnastics taught me, I use it now, and I know I will continue to use these life skills.

Poem: Get a Grip (ha ha get it?)

There is so much my grips have taught me,

patience, strength, discipline, and with them I could compete my routine.

I could never throw them away, because they taught me how to be.