Myths about Caffeine

I am not a very coffee drinker, I don’t really like its flavor, and also my family it is not a very coffee consumer so it is not very common to have a conversation about coffee at home that’s because I didn’t heart before about this myths before.

I decided to work on the 3rd myth which is a about caffeine dehydrates you

1st fount:

Caffeine is a mild diuretic, which means that it causes your kidneys to flush extra sodium and water from the body through urine. It’s logical to think you could become dehydrated, if you have an increasement of the times you need to go to the washroom, but this is not exactly how it works.

Dr. Daniel Vigil from , an associate clinical professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles contradicts this myth by the explanation that when drink a cup of coffee (40mg of caffeine per 100g) or iced tea (11g caffeine per 100g) you are also taking a volume of liquid with the caffeine. The caffeine is also a mild diuretic as I said before, but this doesn’t mean that you will expel more fluid by urine because your is able to absorb as much as you need and expel the rest.

In my opinion this article has a very clear and easy explanation for understanding and the Doctor is a qualified person.

Fountain 2:

It start explaining an urban legend that says you have to drink and extra glass of water for every cup of coffee. The origin of that myth is cause by a study in 1928 suggesting that giving people a small dose of caffeine can induce to a small increase in urine output what can be understand that dehydrates you.

This fountain didn’t convince me it explanation because the study has a very little population just 56 men so I decided to search on other studies.

Fountain 3:

A part of the article was very interesting, when Lawrence Armstrong a professor in an university that has other articles about hydration, explain that your urine expulsion will increase by the quantity you drink so if you drink a cup of coffee you are increasing your volume of fluid consume. He did a study, with a small population but more convincing for me than fountain 2 because they use more variants (20 different hydrating biomarkers) and more time (11 days). They found that the results were very similar between the population with not a big variation

In conclusion I didn’t know about this myth before but now I dont’t think it has a solid base and the explanation of fountain number 1 convinced me and fountain number 3 had a more objective base that helped me to understand



September lab reflection biscotti

is has been my first time in a foods and nutrition course in my life, because I didn’t have the choice in Spain, so at first I thought it would be harder, but nowadays I am getting more confident, and I also enjoy a lot the work, especially the biscotti lab.

The biscotti has been my favorite experience since I started this course, it really like cooking it and it was delicious. I spent a very good time with my partners cooking it because it was and interesting an easy process so that allow us to talk and have fun. We let fly our imagination creating a very funny joke calling the biscotti Macaco ‘soup . We call it macaco ‘soup because at the question day time I answered that a very disgusting food was the macaco ‘soup, and when I showed them a photo of that “food” we couldn’t stop laughing,  we were talking about our cooking process as if we were really cooking a macaco so I told the to take care with the macaco to don’t escape,so  the best part of the lab was our laughs when we were preparing the biscotti.

It was the first time that I tried this dessert and so I can not give my opinion about our final product but honestly it was delicious, because it was a little be hard and very warm so it tastes very good. I am not very fan of hard cakes, I usually prefer sponge desserts, but it surprised me in a positive way and the almonds increased it taste.

In my opinion we were a very solid group, we were working good and we were coordinated. Even me that I was a little be lost, I opened two eggs and I help mixing the flour with the cacao and staff (because we were alternating)  but I didn’t do much more because I didn’t know what to do, so i decided to start cleaning dishes and the different tools we used so we saved time.

I think we did very good because it was quickly and it was delicious, the only thing I think we should change is the hot chocolate, it should be made with milk instead of water so it has a better flavor in my opinion.

In conclusion I think we had a good time and we also make a good job, it was close to start a fight for see who takes the last piece.

Mise en place of all our ingredients: Flour, 2 eggs, cacao…

When we took it out from the oven, I decided to took a selfie

Cutting into smaller portions

Ready for enjoy it!!!!

Mole Lab by Angel and Ellen

This is the weight boat that we used to measure the Copper (II) Chloride plus water. It weighs 2.26 grams

We had an error because, the weight boat was not well measure, so at we wrote 2.23g (that’s why it says 40.63) but it is 2.26g so the total weigh 40.70 as the next photo show us.









Although the 0.225 moles weigh 38.4g, we can see the measurement is 40.70g, and this is because it is the set of the Copper (II) chloride (38.4g) and the mass of the weigh boat 2.26

This is our work and our calculations

In conclusion it has been a very different lab for me, it doesn’t seem like the labs that I did before in my home country, Spain, and I really enjoy it.

Waste food

It is very common, at least in my home country, cooking much more than we need just for have happy every person. This is very common in my grandparents house where they cook a lot just because usually there are lots of relatives eating there with different likes.

At home I think I can stop wasting foods with Tupperware on the fridge, the food I didn’t finish it can be eat by me or even by other person like my mum or my brother and it is not necessary to eat it in one day it can be 1 or 2 weeks in the best of the cases.  

I usually order pizza with my friends and because we are a lot of people we buy so many units and often we finish it so I think we should have a more responsible attitude trying to adapt our order to what we really need.

Making big dishes like soups  and staff and keeping them on the fridge we can eat other days until finish it and is also a way of saving food

My idea is to try to reduce the food  wasting by keeping them for next uses of other people or even me but in other time, this is also very useful for trying to have a stable diet without much time for cooking because although that day we cant cook we have more food on the fridge from last day and we don’t need to make use of fast food.

In conclusion if we are able to try to eat before or other people we could reduce the number of waste food.

Safety rules Angel Perez

18 Tips about safety in the kitchen

1 In case of fire

  • If it is an small fire we can put a lid over the pan to put out it and switch off the burner                                           
  • If it is is a bigger one you can throw baking soda or salt NEVER USE WATER OR FLOUR
  • 2.-Burns
  • When you get a burn inmediatly apply enough cold water in to the zone affected but not directly, the water must fall towards the burn
  • Put a dressing on the affected zone, after more or less 2 hours so that the inflammation goes down
  • 3.-Chemicals
  • If you have been in contact with chemicals wash for hands
  •   Keep your cleaning chemicals away from the food
  • 4.-Slips/falls/trips
  • Keep the floor very clean, so we will reduce the risk of falling down
  • Make we dont have anything that could make us to fall down like chairs or even something at the floor.
  • 5.-Cuts/how to prevent them/treat
  • If the knife will fall down we should not try to catch it is very probably we cut ourselves
  • If you cut yourself press it and take a little towel to stop the hemorrhage
  • 6.-Heavy lifting:
  • Not make the force with your back make it with your legs
  • Get near to the charge
  • 7 How to prevent food poisoning
  • Keep clean the fridge, because by this way the will not get bad
  • Control the temperature of the fridge
  • 8.-Waste management
  • You should wash fruits and vegetables in a container and not under the open tap. To thaw food you can do it also
  • Only switch on the dish washer when it is clean
  • 9.-Personal Hygine
  • Wash your hands before start cooking and dry them
  • Do not sneeze over