The consequences of censorship in society

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For this essay I did a good research resulting in good sources which provide information that support my evidences. In my opinion the best resource is the 3rd one from “the Washington Post” which reflects the importance of ignorance in society, and how it can be a crucial factor at the time of making decisions.  The example that they use, is the roll of ignorance, in the election of Donald Trump as president supporting that one of the main reasons why Trump is president is due to a high amount of ignorant voters.

I consider that my thesis statement is a very strong point of my work, because it contains the main basic arguments which support my point of view. In few words, communicates the very basic ideas of my essay.

I need to improve my formal writing, because the way I wrote my essay is very similar to the common speaking, what supposes less authority for my arguments, making harder to convince people about my perspective.

Fluent writing must be improved, because in some points of the essay it become tough to keep reading, what reduces the engagement making ineffective my message. I need a more dynamic writing that makes reader to be interested in what I share.


Beatty’s Lecture

Beatty considered that books were useless, easily replaceable by new media and that some of them could be offensive to certain groups of the society. The reasons given by Beatty which explain why books were destroyed were supported by the idea that new media was simpler, he argued that the time you spent reading a book you could reduce it with new technologies, so for him, books now were useless, becoming less important. Beatty said that after some years, books sells were decreased and people replaced them by new technological advances. By this, in his opinion, there weren’t any censorship or limitation by government. Many of us would be wondering why firemen were needed, Beatty explained that schools were turning out people who love sports and activities and no more creators or intellectuals so this makes people equal which would make them happy. He justified the burning of books by the fact that it was impossible to know which was the reader ’s purposes. Beatty defended the idea of people must be happy, and he was focused on protect minorities so he agrees to censure books that in his opinion were against this minorities and could be offensive to them. He said that this society provided lots of fun to people and that was very important, and for him that was the only important thing for the population.

Are artists and writers are as important as scientists and engineers? ?

In my opinion artists and writers should be considered as important as engineers and scientists because they also modify the society but in a different way. The have a different function on how they change our society. I think writers can change people’s way of thinking  by books such as Bible or The Communist Manifesto. Newspapers are another powerful elements of writers for influence in the society. They changed the world because they allowed people to have a global perspective, before newspapers, people just care what happened at their home city. Also newspapers have opinion article that can influence on how people thinks and understand what is happening around them.

Writers can also be part of people’s life. We cant forget that singers are also writers and there are so many people listening to their music and they influence them in everything. Also many movies are inspired on books like Harry Potter, so I think writers can be part of people social life too

In conclusion, writers have a more personal influence on people’s lives and scientists satisfy more physical needs

Iron chef by Angel Perez

Our final lab arrived as a cooking competition called Iron Chef. I dont really watch TV shows about cooking competition, honestly I dont watch any TV show, just because I feel they are very similar between them so, I use to get bored. There are many TV shows like iron chef in Spain, but i didnt consume them. I used to think they were boring, but after this experience it changed my perception about them, now I dont really think I would going to follow iron  chef but i would like to be part of another cooking competition because, honestly I really like how it feels, my favorite part I think was when we discussed about which recipe we would like to prepare, because I discovered so many new recipes with cinnamon and orange, that I didnt expect that could work, such us orange cake we cooked at the warm up series, it tasted delicious.

Our decisions were chosen by all of us, or may be by the person who was working in a specific activity, and after that, asking everyone who integrated the group if they agree or not, for example when Alhanz decided to add cream to our deconstructed apple pie she asked everyone before. I think our decisions where picked by everyone and this was what made us work in a solid way.

All of use made a research for choosing the recipe we want. At first I didnt think that the orange cake could be a good idea but after trying I was surprised how good it tasted, it was awesome, I can be sure it was one of the best cakes I ever ate. I am not lying, it can be verified easily, I ate half of it. Deconstructed apple pie was very nice, but it was a bit disappointing because I expected to be as good as the one before.

Deconstructed apple pie was good and quite original, but we chose it just for make the difference with the other groups, we all wanted to cook a type of cinnamon glazed donut which seemed delicious, but we thought other groups would choose that recipe. Anyway, I think our dish was fantastic and quite different of we saw in the other groups.

The ingredients given by Mr Breet were not a problem, I think we faced up really good, making very good decisions in both cases, the problem was timing which affect in our development of the deconstructed apple pie, because we couldnt cook as much as was necessary our apples, but they werent as bad as we thought at first. But our dish had lot of water what in my opinion made it very heavy and hard to eat, because of the huge quantity it supposed.

In conclusion I think we did a good job and i enjoyed it. It was very nice time at foods and nutritions, and it grew my cooking skills.

Super foods dishes

I chose this lab because I wasn’t very used to eat a diet including this superfood and it was something that can help me in a future at the time of cooking and choosing recepies. When I come back to spain I will probably choose one of this receipe for my family because I will be ask for cooking something and I find something different to what I saw in spain and it would be good for my family.

I am not very fan of eating this kind of dishes but this was ok. At first I thought that it would be hard to me to eat to this kind of different vegetables but it was not too much disgusting, but the only thing I didn’t like was the avocado, it tasted really weird and was very hard to eat, I didn’t like it at all. It was funny cooking this kind of foods, and it was also very challenging because we needed to cook three dishes very quickly and also making a little presentation and I like challenging things.  Everything was nice, my favourite was our chicken, it was supposed to be salmon, but it is too expensive. It was good really good cooked and tasted delicious. I cooked potatoes, but we didn’t understand properly the instructions. It was supposed to be cooked like fries but I cut it in small pieces but it wasn’t a problem and the dish was delicious. So in my opinion everything was better than what I expected even our frozen dessert that it wasn’t frozen, it was like a fruit cold soup, tasted fantastic. At first I thought that mixing this ingredients could be a problem for how they taste but finally I was surprise how good they were combine and the quality of the menu was really high and that was something very good because we worked a lot and having a good result is very satisfactory

We worked really good with a division of duties so everyone knew exactly what they needed to do. My part was like a very simple one but I helped in the preparation of the dessert and everything went really good.

If I need to do it again I would probably choose some chocolate cake we saw at the web because the seem delicious but ye finally chose the fruit ice cream because it was like very different what we saw before.


November Reflection

My favorite lab of the course was the chicken preparation. I thought it could be very disgusting because I had a very bad experience some years ago when we opened a cow’s heart for my biology class and I had dizziness and I felt really bad, but it wasn’t the case. I felt comfortable and I enjoy it. I chose this lab because it was the most difficult we did (it was to long, so if you had a mistake everything would get bad) and it was which I enjoyed the most because it was very exciting for me the chicken’s preparation. My part were the legs, it was very interesting dislocating the legs and also disgusting when you felt the “crack”. But the best part was cutting.  The knife was too sharpy and big, at first was hard to find the point where you could cut, but when you find it was to easy and quickly to cut, that really impressed me how fast and easy I was allowed to cut ti.  I used plastic gloves because I didn’t feel good touching the chicken, it was really weird. I enjoyed the lab because it was something very different to what I was used to do at foods and nutrition 12 and I liked the feeling of cutting, it can sounds weird but it is true, it is very different the feeling of having a nice cut, knowing that your group can continuing cooking good thanks to you, and not ruining everyone’s work.

Our chicken was well prepared, but then we had a problem which we couldn’t correct, the noodle was very soupy and it didn’t have a clear taste, so I didnt enjoy it consumption and it was very heavy and Ii felt fully.

This was the time I think we worked better because everyone had very clear what we should do so we worked very fast and each member did really well their part. It was very quick and everyone study really well before what we need to do, and we toke notes that were really helpful when we got lost.  We help each other to find the point where we should cut because it sometimes it could get hard to find it.

I would like to correct the fact that our noodles were very soupy and without any taste, because it was really hard for to eat and they werent really enjoyable.


Food risk

   1.- What are two examples of food insecurity identified in this movie? What were some of the ways in which the individuals involved coped with their predicament? Were they successful? Why or why not?

The 2 examples of food insecurity identified in this movie are Rosie that is a little girl five grader who lives in a rural part of the states and Barbie and her children, they are living in a depressed neighborhood, of a big city of this country. Rosie joined the school’s lunchroom but it didn’t fill her expectations because of a very unhealthy food and a very poor quantity. On the other hand, Barbie found another job better paid but it was nothing out of this world, but much better than the one she had before, this allows her to provide more food to her children, feeding them better

2.- What specific demographics in our country might be more at risk of experiencing food insecurity? Why are they more at risk? Is there anything historical that might have caused this increased risk?

The specific demographics who might be more in risk of experiencing food insecurity are rural zones and  low class neighbourhood, especially if we are talking about food deserts, which are big areas without any close super market for buying food. In the case of the rural zones it can be explain because of little towns doesn’t have any supermarket close and in the other we have an  unuseful urban planification

    3.-What is your personal reaction to this movie? Did you have any preexisting ideas about food insecurity? Were you surprised by some of the information that was presented? Why or why not?

It really impressed me, it produced a radical change on my vision about food insecurity giving me another perspective, now I understand that the problem it is not just outside of our borders, there are many problems in developed countries which need a quick solution. The fact of being in a developed country or not doesn’t avoid the food risk. I cant remember exactly the numbers but they really show a dramatic situation as food risk, that we usually link to Africa and other developing places, in developed ones like the states and probably the situation is similar than the situation in Canada

    4.-If you were in a position to directly or indirectly influence the issue at hand (such as a politician or policy maker) what would you do to help? What policies do you think could aid those that are hungry? OR What is a way that you could make a difference today? How would you go about making that difference and change?

There lots of factors that explain why people are hungry, the main one is job, creating a favorable situation for having a job and stablish a family is crucial if we want to change it. Another very important factor is the quality of our diet, I come from a Mediterranean country, and our diet is one of the healthiest in the world, I can see a very big difference with foods in Spain. The processed food is one of the basic structures of Canadian diet, and also snacks. In Spain snacks don’t replace lunch time, and also supermarkets are made for satisfy this idea of having a big meal at lunch time and not just an easy and quick snack. This difference in culture in my opinion makes it much easier to have problems with food, because there is not consciousness of the importance of eating healthy food.

So I think is very important to educate in this way, people should know cooking time is important and might be always be different not just few dishes, because , I don’t know if just at my homestay, but I think is in most of canadian’s homes, they should have a clear time for eating and be something important, because healthy food is expensive, but it might not be ecologic to be healthy…. In Spain there are lots of different salads, fishes, meats with different prices but they are much healthie than what I can see at a supermarket here. My idea is that if we can change our diet, so prices adapt to this diet, people with less money could have a healthier food with the same money, but this should have a change in institutions and in the way we know Canadian supermarkets.

Myths about Caffeine

I am not a very coffee drinker, I don’t really like its flavor, and also my family it is not a very coffee consumer so it is not very common to have a conversation about coffee at home that’s because I didn’t heart before about this myths before.

I decided to work on the 3rd myth which is a about caffeine dehydrates you

1st fount:

Caffeine is a mild diuretic, which means that it causes your kidneys to flush extra sodium and water from the body through urine. It’s logical to think you could become dehydrated, if you have an increasement of the times you need to go to the washroom, but this is not exactly how it works.

Dr. Daniel Vigil from , an associate clinical professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles contradicts this myth by the explanation that when drink a cup of coffee (40mg of caffeine per 100g) or iced tea (11g caffeine per 100g) you are also taking a volume of liquid with the caffeine. The caffeine is also a mild diuretic as I said before, but this doesn’t mean that you will expel more fluid by urine because your is able to absorb as much as you need and expel the rest.

In my opinion this article has a very clear and easy explanation for understanding and the Doctor is a qualified person.

Fountain 2:

It start explaining an urban legend that says you have to drink and extra glass of water for every cup of coffee. The origin of that myth is cause by a study in 1928 suggesting that giving people a small dose of caffeine can induce to a small increase in urine output what can be understand that dehydrates you.

This fountain didn’t convince me it explanation because the study has a very little population just 56 men so I decided to search on other studies.

Fountain 3:

A part of the article was very interesting, when Lawrence Armstrong a professor in an university that has other articles about hydration, explain that your urine expulsion will increase by the quantity you drink so if you drink a cup of coffee you are increasing your volume of fluid consume. He did a study, with a small population but more convincing for me than fountain 2 because they use more variants (20 different hydrating biomarkers) and more time (11 days). They found that the results were very similar between the population with not a big variation

In conclusion I didn’t know about this myth before but now I dont’t think it has a solid base and the explanation of fountain number 1 convinced me and fountain number 3 had a more objective base that helped me to understand



September lab reflection biscotti

is has been my first time in a foods and nutrition course in my life, because I didn’t have the choice in Spain, so at first I thought it would be harder, but nowadays I am getting more confident, and I also enjoy a lot the work, especially the biscotti lab.

The biscotti has been my favorite experience since I started this course, it really like cooking it and it was delicious. I spent a very good time with my partners cooking it because it was and interesting an easy process so that allow us to talk and have fun. We let fly our imagination creating a very funny joke calling the biscotti Macaco ‘soup . We call it macaco ‘soup because at the question day time I answered that a very disgusting food was the macaco ‘soup, and when I showed them a photo of that “food” we couldn’t stop laughing,  we were talking about our cooking process as if we were really cooking a macaco so I told the to take care with the macaco to don’t escape,so  the best part of the lab was our laughs when we were preparing the biscotti.

It was the first time that I tried this dessert and so I can not give my opinion about our final product but honestly it was delicious, because it was a little be hard and very warm so it tastes very good. I am not very fan of hard cakes, I usually prefer sponge desserts, but it surprised me in a positive way and the almonds increased it taste.

In my opinion we were a very solid group, we were working good and we were coordinated. Even me that I was a little be lost, I opened two eggs and I help mixing the flour with the cacao and staff (because we were alternating)  but I didn’t do much more because I didn’t know what to do, so i decided to start cleaning dishes and the different tools we used so we saved time.

I think we did very good because it was quickly and it was delicious, the only thing I think we should change is the hot chocolate, it should be made with milk instead of water so it has a better flavor in my opinion.

In conclusion I think we had a good time and we also make a good job, it was close to start a fight for see who takes the last piece.

Mise en place of all our ingredients: Flour, 2 eggs, cacao…

When we took it out from the oven, I decided to took a selfie

Cutting into smaller portions

Ready for enjoy it!!!!