September lab reflection biscotti

is has been my first time in a foods and nutrition course in my life, because I didn’t have the choice in Spain, so at first I thought it would be harder, but nowadays I am getting more confident, and I also enjoy a lot the work, especially the biscotti lab.

The biscotti has been my favorite experience since I started this course, it really like cooking it and it was delicious. I spent a very good time with my partners cooking it because it was and interesting an easy process so that allow us to talk and have fun. We let fly our imagination creating a very funny joke calling the biscotti Macaco ‘soup . We call it macaco ‘soup because at the question day time I answered that a very disgusting food was the macaco ‘soup, and when I showed them a photo of that “food” we couldn’t stop laughing,  we were talking about our cooking process as if we were really cooking a macaco so I told the to take care with the macaco to don’t escape,so  the best part of the lab was our laughs when we were preparing the biscotti.

It was the first time that I tried this dessert and so I can not give my opinion about our final product but honestly it was delicious, because it was a little be hard and very warm so it tastes very good. I am not very fan of hard cakes, I usually prefer sponge desserts, but it surprised me in a positive way and the almonds increased it taste.

In my opinion we were a very solid group, we were working good and we were coordinated. Even me that I was a little be lost, I opened two eggs and I help mixing the flour with the cacao and staff (because we were alternating)  but I didn’t do much more because I didn’t know what to do, so i decided to start cleaning dishes and the different tools we used so we saved time.

I think we did very good because it was quickly and it was delicious, the only thing I think we should change is the hot chocolate, it should be made with milk instead of water so it has a better flavor in my opinion.

In conclusion I think we had a good time and we also make a good job, it was close to start a fight for see who takes the last piece.

Mise en place of all our ingredients: Flour, 2 eggs, cacao…

When we took it out from the oven, I decided to took a selfie

Cutting into smaller portions

Ready for enjoy it!!!!

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