Desmos Portrait 2018


When I started my self portrait I decided to start with the head then move onto the eyes, mouth and eyebrows. Once I created my left eyebrow I found it difficult to replicate it and make my right eyebrow. To over come my challenges, I had a lot of trial and error. When I was completely stuck I would ask a friend for help, Justin helped me when I could not figure out how to make my nose and right eyebrow. After trying to create my right eyebrow for so long, I finally did it and I felt so accomplished and happy. To figure out what I wanted my caricature to look like I would google or look at other desmos creation to get some inspiration. This assignment helped me memorize the functions, how to right them on a graph and it helped me understand domain and range a little better. Overall I found this to be a creative and fun way in learning about math.



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