Random Acts of Kindness response post

For this RAC assignment I chose to offer my seat to any elderly person when I had the chance. I was at the movie theatres and saw a woman standing beside the bench I was sitting on, so I got up and offered her my seat. I noticed that the woman was very pleased that I had offered her a seat and even though she did not want to take my seat she was thankful that I had offered it to her. When she left she thanked me with a smile and it made me feel very content. After seeing how this small act made her happy, I wanted to do another RAC. Before and after performing my random act of kindness I was very aware of the people around me because I wanted to be kind and allow everyone to be comfortable were they were sitting. I really enjoyed doing this RAC because it made me feel like I made a difference. Even though it was a small action I could tell that I made the lady feel welcomed and made a difference in her day. I will definitely continue to offer my seat to others who need it more than I do. I would not change the RAC I chose because it makes people feel good and appreciated when I am performing the random act of kindness. I think this RAC contributed to my leadership skills because I gave up something of mine to benefit someone else who needed it more. No one else had offered the woman their seat so I took action and offered mine up so that the elderly woman could sit down. When I performed my RAC there was a group of 10 year old boys that were present, so when I offered up my seat, I am hoping they noticed, and realized that was right thing to do and hopefully they will do the same RAC in the future. Overall I really enjoyed making people feel good by doing small acts of kindness to the people in my community.

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