Holocaust Timeline Reflection

How did the Holocaust happen?

The Holocaust happened because the Nazis believed that the Jews had a negative effect on the Germans, so they wanted to get rid of them all. There had been many invasions throughout Europe and the Jews living in those areas were prosecuted. The Holocaust started when the Nazis came to power in 1933, they then had the Nuremberg Laws. These laws took away all human rights from Jews. The Jews tried to leave Germany but the government made it very difficult for them to go. The Nazis made them wear a badge to identify them as Jews. Hitler believed that all Germanys problems were caused by Jews and so he wanted to killed them all.

How did group, location and WWII events impact an individuals experience?

There were many events and issues that contributed to an individuals experience in the Holocaust. October 1939 Hitler authorizes killing of the impaired. Many people were impacted with Hitlers actions. Those who were disabled had a chance in being killed because of their disability. The people in concentration camps had been crowded and there had also been many invasions going on at the time. One invasion was the Poland invasion, which had started WWII. Britain and France had an alliance with Poland, so they declared war on Germany to protect them. This time periods was very hard for people to live in because many people had been worried and dyeing.

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