Letter from home assignment

Dear Theodor Godfrey,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you, and I’ve missed you so much. I hope you are doing well, I think about you all the time. Life has been good at home, the government made a few changes. They created the Measures Act, we now have limited freedom by having censorship, detainment and internment camps. But I am safe as well as our son Peter, he is going to school and has been getting good grades. Our economy has been doing very well. Thankfully Canada has been providing you soldiers with new boots and ammunitions as well as food.  I’m glad you are getting the supplies needed, if you didn’t get new boots, mud would seep right through them.  Since we have been giving you guys new equipment and food, our taxes and costs have gone up. Not many people are happy that we have to pay more because our wages have staid the same. I am currently working as a nurse at our local walk in clinic, I enjoy it very much. Sam Hughes was responsible for all of your boots and equipment, he ended up being replaced, thankfully, and the government started to make more planes and ships. The suffragist movement has taken off and at our next election I will be voting for the first time. It’s about time they let us women vote, I am so exited that I get to be a part of something meaningful and important. I am hoping you’ll get to come home soon, I thought it was going to be a short war. There have been a lot of volunteers taking part in the war, mostly for the reasons of  unemployment, and being patriotic to their country.  I really wish you could make it home for the holidays, Peter and I will be missing you lots on Christmas day. We think you are a true hero to our country. Peter and I are so proud of you! We wish you all the best Theo, I love you with all my heart. Stay safe. 

 Love your wife,

~Mary Godfrey

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