Letter from home assignment

Dear Theodor Godfrey, It’s been a while since I last wrote to you, and I’ve missed you so much. I hope you are doing well, I think about you all the time. Life has been good at home, the government made a few changes. They created the Measures Act, we now have limited freedom by […]

Analyzing Poetry

1. The song “Ghosting” is about a guy (main singer in the band AKA Ryan Guldemond) who has an interest in someone but they do not like him back, and he is tired of chasing after the person he likes. The song address a social phenomenon. 2. The main singer in the band is singing […]

Staying Safe at Work

Three things I will do to stay safe are: Aks questions for tasks I am not sure about. Make sure I am getting the proper training to do my job. Say no to any unreasonable task that can potentially put me in danger. Two things I will do to keep others safe: Give others advice […]