Current from the kitchen

Prediction: The orange will produce the most electric voltage because it is very acidic which will have the effect of adding to the electric voltage.   Results: The orange created the greatest electric voltage out of all the fruits and vegetables we experimented on.  The reason why fruits that are acidic gain more current electricity […]

SSEP Final Reflection

Home – School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) Defining our problem My group has been working on an experiment for the SSEP experimental space launch. Our group had many ideas for our experiment but the final one we had narrowed it down to was an experiment about bacteria. Our problem we are trying to solve is […]

Electricity mind map

  Questions: How much electricity is consumed in one day? How many electrons complete a 1 coulomb with an equal charge? what is used as the pathway for the flow of electricity? What provides the energy used for a lightbulb? How does lightning build up so much energy? How do you eliminate static electricity? what happens […]